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Best Tempest Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

Tempest may look timid and shy but in reality, she is wild and aggressive. She likes to destroy her opponents with devastating, lightning quick combos. Not only that they can combo you to death, but they can be very elusive  in battle for they got tons of evasive skills which really give them the edge in battles. So, if you are up against a Tempest, be sure not to blink!

But, if you want to be the predator and not the the other way around, then you must first determine the right tools or should I say, the right skills for your Tempest to truly become an Assassin of Death. I have my experience playing the class and, without a doubt, she is really good in PVP. However, that doesn't mean that they are useless in PVE thought. They also have good AOE skills and buffs which coulb be very helpful for the party in dungeons and Nest Raids.

Knowing all these things about Tempest, expect that the skill build I will share to you will make you great in PVP and good in PVE. So without further ado, here's my Best Tempest Skill Build in Dragon Nest SEA:

I would like to share first to you my current level 50 skill build for my Tempest in Dragon Nest SEA. Here it is:
Archer Skill Tree
Acrobat Skill Tree
Tempest Skill Tree
Archer Skill Tree

Twin Shot- This skill has good damage per seconds. It has very fast casting time, good damage and most of all, very low cooldown. I suggest that if you have extra SP left and you have maxed out all the needed skills in the Acrobat skill tree, spend it on this skill.

Note: This skill can be use on knocked down enemies.

Piercing Shot- This may be a good skill for Bowmaster like Artillery but not for Acrobats. The skill has good damage and range but, it will leave you immobile for a couple of seconds due to its casting animation. Not only that it can make you vulnerable from enemy attacks as an Acrobat, but it's also not useful for this class as there is no place for this skill on your hotkey as it can't be used for you chaining combos.

Magic Arrow- Might come in handy sometimes in PVP. When you cast this skill and you followed it with Twin Shot, it can often knock down players. Put 1 SP on this skill if you are a serious PVP player.

Multi Shot- This might not work well for Bowmaster but it does for Acrobats. As we know, Acro works everytime at close range hounding their opponents down which is really good for this skill as it can do insane damage to enemies at close range. In addition, it has armor breaking capabilities that can even flinch Nest bosses (like Minotaur Boss). And lastly, it works pretty well in PVP especially when your opponent is very close to you and lying on the ground helpless.

Willow Kick- Just leave this skill to 1. A very good filler skill to use. It cal launch enemy a little bit into the air and most importantly, this skill has invincibility frames which only means that you don't take damage while casting this skill. The damage isn't that significant though that is why I leave it to 1 for utility purposes only.

Wise of the Owl- Not very useful for yourself as we know that Acrobats are AGI based class which only means that they can obtain the critical limit without the help of this buff. However, it maybe useful for your party but, the very long cooldown makes it bad. So, I prefer to skip this skill.

Rage of the Owl- No SP needed an can increase your critical and your party's for a certain period of time. So, might as well get this skill.

Tumble- Max this skill no matter what. This is your main evasion skill which will save you often times in both PVP and PVE. You need the 2.6 seconds cooldown for this skill to be more effective.

Urgency Trick- If you are a serious PVP player, then you might as well level this skill to the point where you can get the 16 seconds cooldown for this skill. This skill might come in handy as it will let you escape dangerous situations like when you have been staggered by an enemy attack.

High Spin Kick- Get this skill if you are a serious PVP player. IN PVP matches, you can bounce the enemy off the wall with this skill and then, you can do a Double Somersault Kick after that. Very useful utility skill in Arenas.

Moon Kick- Put 1 SP on this skill for PVP purposes. This skill may be use as a filler while landing on the ground after getting airbourne. Usually, I use this skill after Double Somersault Kick which works like a charm as when the target get hits, it will stagger him/her for a bit making him/her more vulnerable to my next attack.

Somersault Kick- Put 1 SP on this skill. You can launch stunned enemy into the air with this skill. Very useful to have in PVP as you can use yet another Double Somersault Kick with the help of this skill.

Physical Mastery- Acrobats are not really known for high HP pool. So, it's not a bad idea to max out this skill for extra HP.

Mental Mastery- In my build, I max out this skill for more MP as I often use a lot of it due to Acrobat's lightning fast combo skills which consumes a lot of MP.

Mind Conquer- Recommended to be max out as you'll need as much MP regen as possible for Acrobats.

Acrobat Skill Tree

Kick Shot- One of the best skill to have in your combo. It can be a starting or a filler skill. The thing about Kick Shot is it allows you to launch enemy (even knocked down enemies) into the air and then you will shoot 2 arrows when they are near  to the ground. The damage of this skill is decent but, you need to make all hit counts, from the kick stage to the shoot stage. However, it is more advisable to just use the kick part of this skill to follow up with other skills (like Binding Shot). You can either max this skill or leave it to 6 to get its Ex version.

Binding Shot- One of the best utility skill for Acrobats. Not only that it can pull-in enemies closer to you, but this is the only skill that let you use Somersault Kick + Double Somersault Kick even if the enemy wasn't stunned. However, I suggest that you keep this skill to 1 though as the damage isn't that significant.

How to Use: Be sure to be at mid-range, with the enemy at front to catch them and pull them towards you. Note that this skill can't be casted vertically, nor it can't be used on knocked down enemies.

Eagle Dive- A good skill in terms of dealing damage to the enemy. This skill may be use as an opening skill, right after you performed Chain Trampoline, Tip Tops, Cyclone Kick or Double Somersault Kick. This skill can also be casted when you are doing normal attacks in the air by pressing the left mouse right after. You may put the extra SP here for the additional damage.

Blooming Kick- A very good skill as not only that it can do decent damage to enemy, but it has a very high chance to stun them. You might want to max out this skill for the higher chance of stun.

Circle Shot- This skill may be use also to evade enemy attacks while damaging them in the process. When you cast this skill, you will jump at mid air, and then shoot an arrow at the enemy below you. A very good skill to use when Warriors are rushing towards you or Elemental Lords are casting their Flame Roads.  Put 1 SP on this skill.

Additional Details: The skill has chances to break enemy's super-armor. However, I suggest not to cast this skill when you are slowed as it will tend to miss and you will most likely fall back into the ground.

Spiral Vortex- There's no way you wouldn't max out this skill. This is one of the skills of Acrobats which can do insane damage in just one "swoooshhhh". Plus, when this skill has a 60% action speed plate, it has high chances of breaking the super armor state of the enemy like the EL's Flame Road.

Important Note: This skill can be use on knocked down opponents. When it hits an enemy lying on the ground, they will be lifted a little bit which you can then follow up with Cyclone Kick to continue combo-ing.

Cyclone Kick- There are two stages on this skill. One is its ground-spinning kick which has little chance to break enemy super armor and, the second stage is when you spin kick and launches enemy to the air. It has very high damage when you have manage to hit all kicks on single target and in my opinion, it is wise to max out this skill.

Important Note: After the spin kick on the air, you can then follow up with Air Pounce + Moon Kick or you can go with Eagle Dive.

Spiritual Excel- This increases the AGi of your character for 180 seconds. In my case, I have maxed this skill not because I want to increase my AGI for the critical benefits, but for the attack power. The more AGI you have, the higher the Attack power gets as we all know that Acrobats mainly focuses AGI which increases their physical damage by .50 for every 1 AGI.

Spirit Boost- Max this skill no matter what. This is what makes Acrobats really unique amongst all the classes in Dragon Nest. Not only that it shortens the cooldown of your skill, but it can increase your attack speed and movement speed at a set period of time. Your party can also benefit the same buffs by the way.

Air Pounce- A good filler skill when you are about to land on the ground after Aerial attacks. In my case, I only added 1 point on this skill as on bigger targets like nest bosses, it does will but in PVP, it's really hard to make all stomp hits as your targets are small.

Spiral Kick- This skill has decent damage but the downside is, you can't change direction while executing this skill. In PVP, it's more effective to hit knocked down targets with this skill as you will definitely do more damage and most importantly, it will prevent them from using their "instant get-up" skill like Acrobat's Pin Wheel. In my build, I have added my extra SP in this skill as Acrobat can often knocked down enemies making this skill useful also often times.

Spirit Shot- Put 1 SP for utility. This skill is similar to Magic Arrow. The only difference is that its projectile speed is slower than Magic Arrow and it uses the physical attack power which only means that you can do much damage with this skill. However, you don't want to get this skill for its damage but for the utility purposes only. When you cast this skill, you can move backward while shooting a Magic Shot which allows you to dodge frontal attacks and counter with your own as the enemy can be staggered when this skill hits.

Chain Trampoline- Max this skill. In my opinion, this skill is really needed by an Acrobat to make her more elusive in battles. Not only that it can let you evade more enemy attacks, but it can also allows more mobilitiy to your character which is perfect for escaping and chasing enemies.

Double Somersault Kick- Yet another damager skill in the Acrobat skill tree. This skill has no cooldown as it can be executed right after Somersault Kick, after Binding Shot or right after the enemy has bounced off the wall with the use of High Spin Kick. The skill has tremendous increase in damage when leveled up high. In my case, I max out this skill as I can often use this with the help of my current build.

Counter Ring Shot- Yet another Aerial Evasion skill. It's more like your Ring Shot. The only difference is that its passive and can only be casted right after you have been hit by an attack while in the air. Put 1 SP for utility.

Tip Tops- Max out this skill. The benefits of this skill will be more mobility, good positioning for your character as you can Tip Tops and hit enemy by surprise below the ground, and evasion. Not bad for a very simple skill eh? A very good skill to have as a Windwalker by the way.

Shortbow Mastery- At level 40, I did not get this skill. But at level 50 Cap, it might be a good idea allocating points on this skill for the extra damage. Definitely, you will have extra SP left after maximizing all your needed skill which you can allocate on this skill.

Ultimate Skill 

There is a lot of debate going on about whether to get two ultimates or just one for Tempest. Well, let me enlighten your mind and help you decide whether to get dual ulti or not.

The two Ultimates share the same cooldown which only means that you can only use one at a time. However, one ultimate outshines the other in a certain situation and vice versa. To be more specific, Divine Rage is more lethal in dealing tremendous amount of damage on one single target, while Spiral Edge is more useful in terms of mob clearing or simply doing decent damage in a wide area.

Knowing these, obviously it's not a bad idea to get both ultimates for Tempest. Despite of the shared cooldown, getting duo ultimates at level 50 cap for this class might be very useful for you and, remember that after you maxed out all the needed skills for this class, you will definitely have extra SP which you can allocate on the other ultimate.

Tempest Skill Tree
Evasion- Get this skill. It gives you a chance to evade enemy attacks. It's more like Gladiator's "Evasion Slash". The only difference is that it is a passive skill.

Important Note: After you have successfully evaded an attack, you can then follow up with Spirit Shot, Chain Trampoline or Spiral Kick.

Kick Shot Ex- A must have skill to enhance your Kick Shot. This passive skill will improve the Super Armor, damage and the AOE of your Kick Shot.

Hurricane Dance- An amazing skill and a must have for Tempest. This skill can deal huge damage to enemies and you become invincible while you are casting this skill. The good part is, it can silence enemy and it ignores skills like Block of Cleric and other skills which has invincibility like Stance of Faith, Evasion Stance and Divine Avatar of Guardian.

Important Note: This skill can't be casted without a target.

Now, let's proceed to my preffered skill plates for Tempest. I will show to you the main an optional skill plates for a Tempest which can be beneficial in both PVP and PVE. Here are the lists:

Spiral Vortex- 50% action speed
Cyclone Kick- 20% additional damage
Spirit Boost- 12% decreased cooldown
Hurricane Dance- 20% increased damage

Kick Shot- 20% increased damage.
Spiral Kick- 20% increased damage.

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