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Best Saleana Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

If Elestra is the coolest babe in town, then Saleana is the hottest chick ever in Dragon Nest. Aside from being to darn sexy, she is literally the hottest class of them all as she enjoys burning  his opponent until nothing is left from them. When you made a Saleana mad, you'll definitely burn to ashes! Like the saying goes "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorned!".

Now, let's discuss about Saleana skill build. For you to burn your enemy into ashes , you'll need the right combination of skills as we all know that Dragon Nest is a fast-paced action online game which only means that every opponent will not stand in front of you, allowing you to burn them to death. The perfect Saleana skill build isn't that complicated as the Elestra skill build. We all know that Elestra must balance both damage and control to enemies to be a superb Ice Queen but, as a Saleana, all you need is huge fire power and some freezing skills and you're good to go. For my Saleana, I prefer this skill build which makes me enjoy this class in both PVP and PVE to the fullest extent.

Current Level 50 Skill Build (FINAL):
Sorceress Skill Tree
Elemental Lord Skill Tree
Saleana Skill Tree
Sorceress Skill Tree

In this skill tree, there's not much of a difference or in fact, there is probably no difference in my Elestra skill build. Sorceress skill tree is pretty standard and I think we all know what are the much needed skills we have to get. But, for the sake of those who are new in the game, I have copied my current Sorceress Skill Build from my Elestra to this page so you could fully understand and determine the much needed skills in this tree.

Flame Burst- Not much of a needed skill for Saleana as the damage increment is very low. So, I don't level this skill up.

Glacial Spike- In my case, I level this skill to the extent where I got a 20% freeze probability. The only downside of this skill is its very slow.The skill takes time to travel and hit the target. However, when it hits, it has a chance to freeze them for over 4 seconds which only means a lot of trouble for them. 

How to use: To use this skill more effectively, cast this only when the enemy get slowed significantly.With the help of a lot of slowing skills from Elestra, I'm pretty sure that you can manage to make this skill hit your target.

Void Blast- Don't get this skill. I did not get this skill to maximize as it's not worth leveling because the only thing you'll benefit from this skill is the range and some damage.

Shockwave- When all your skills are off cooldown, you don't want your enemy to be neat you as we know that Sorceress are very squishy. So, you need this skill to push them away to get out from bad situations. Put 1 SP on this skill.

Mana Flow- This skill doesn't require any SP and it deducts a certain percentage of MP consumption when you use this skill. So, its a good skill to get.

Wheeling Attack- A very bad skill to invest SP as it uses the physical attack power of Sorceress. Don't ever allocate SP on this skill.

Poison Missile- Just put 1 SP on this skill or level it to 6 if you're going PVP-type for the three poison puddle that will be lying on the ground. You don't need this skill for the damage but for its effect when it hits a target. When a target has been hit by this skill (with no escape skills), then he will be trap in that gooey substance lying at the floor for a couple of seconds leaving him/her very vulnerable with your next attacks.

Counter Spell- Get this skill as it enables you to get back up immediately after being knockdown.

Charged Missile- I prefer skipping this skill as I rather invest my SP to those skills which has the most benefits.

Aerial Evasion- Max this skill to save you from being juggled for a very long time in the air.

Blink- As always, I suggest that you max this evasion skill.

Escape- Max this skill. When you have been staggered by an enemy attack, this is your only way out. Very useful in PVP.

Hammer Strike- Don't put SP on this skill. Trust me, this skill will not do any good for you. Better spend the SP meant for this skill to the most needed ones.

Poor Kick- This skill will stunned enemy into the air. Some say that this is a great skill to have in PVP but I prefer skipping it as I want my enemy to be frozen to death in the ground.

Physical Mastery, Mental Mastery, Mind Conquer- Max these skills to boost your HP, MP and MP recovery.

Elemental Lord Skill Tree

As I have mentioned earlier, my skill build will focus on getting huge fire power with some freezing skills which means that I will maximize all the fire skills and, I will get some Ice skills for utility purposes. So, in this skill tree, I prefer:

Fireball- Max this skill for highest damage output. Together with its Ex version, this skill alone can cause mayhem in the battlefield.

Inferno- You have the choice to max this skill or level it to where you will get the 7m additional range. At max level, you will receive a decent damage at max level and the additional range I have mentioned earlier.

Fire Wall- You have the choice to level 1 for prerequisite or max this skill for highest damage output.

Fire Shield- Max this skill for a higher physical/magical damage reduction. 

Flame Road- Max this skill. This is one of the skills which has the highest overall DPS in the game. One of the main skills that is often used by Saleana to burn her enemies.

Flame Spark- You have the choice to get this skill or not. Might be useful in PVP though as you might want to use this skill as your starting attack after you Blink or as a filler in times when all of your main skills are off cooldown.

Phoenix Storm- Max this skill for highest damage output.

Ignite- Max this skill for highest damage output.

Frost Wind- Get this skill. A good skill to slow enemy after you blink. Very useful in terms of PVP.

Glacial Wave- As a Saleana, it would be wise to max out this skill as it can freeze an enemy for a very long period of time. Not only that, it can also increase your damage when you stack its freeze status. To know more about the stacking of freeze status, you can check out later my explanation on this at my Elestra skill build. There, you can learn how stacking freezing attacks can boost your damage up to 100%.

Shatter- Don't Put SP on this skill. It's really useless for Saleana as we are more focused on fire attacks.

Mana Surge- Might as well as max this skill for a higher chance to regain a certain percentage of mana after using a skill.

Hell Fire- Max this skill. This is what makes Saleana really good for critical builds as it significantly increases the critical of your fire skills for more damage.

The next skills is where you put your leftover SP. It's all up to you if you want to get the Ice skills until Chilling Mist or max out one or two skills for higher slow status effect duration. If you want to know what are the benefits of leveling the following skills below, head to my Elestra Skill build later. Here are the skills by the way:
  • Icy Shards
  • Freezing Field
  • Frozen Spikes
  • Ice Shield
  • Chilling Mist
Important Note: If you do get your Ice skills until Chilling Mist, you will definitely want to sacrifice some SP on some of your fire skills. In my case I sacrifice Fire Wall and leave it to level 1 at my very first build.

Ultimate Skill

Fiery Vortex- As a Saleana, prioritize having this ultimate skill to get your 3rd job skills. The skill does tremendous damage to the enemy. But the best part of this skill is that when an enemy has been hit, he/she will be insanely burn for 10 seconds. The burn damage is really huge and it will activate every 2 seconds withing the given time period.

Saleana Skill Tree

Burning Hand- Get this skill. This skill activates (by chance) when you have used a fire skill and successfully burned an enemy. When it activates, it will give an explosive damage to the enemy which often results to tremendous amount of damage taken by them.

Fireball Ex- Get this skill. It enhances your Fireball's damage at the 3rd stage and also, it gives a new attack option to your skill. When you're fireball is charged up to 2nd or 3rd stage, you can then press the special attack button to launch 3 fireballs in three directions. Very useful when you have tons of enemies in front of you.

Rolling Lava- Get this skill. This is a skill packed with a lot of damaging lave. It's one of the skills of Saleana that has high DPS and it's a must have skill as it's very useful in terms of PVE and PVP.

Before you leave this page, make sure you check out first my recommended skill plates for this class and, as usual, my current level 50 skill build for Saleana.

Recommended Skill Plates:

Flame Road- 20% increased damage
Fire Shield- Hit damage decreased by 15%
Fireball- 20% increased damage
Rolling Lava- %20 increased damage

Ignite- %20 increase damage.
Burning Hand- 20% decreased cooldown.

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