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Best Guardian Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

There are two thing you need to find out first before becoming a Guardian. One is to identify whether a Guardian is physically or magically inclined, and the other one is to identify which skills are mostly needed by a Guardian.

The answer to the first question is easy. If you rake a look at the Paladin and Guardian skill tree, you'll definitely notice that majority of the Guardian's active skills are physical sided. Which is why, it's more recommended to gear up your Guardian with equips which can boost his physical attack power.

The second question is a bit hard to answer in just one or two paragraphs. In fact, I myself had a very tough time in figuring out what are the best skills for a Guardian. But luckily, I finally have a build which suited my playing style and lucky you, I will share it here in my blog.

The first thing you need to consider before allocating SP on your skill tree is what you want your Guardian to be. Do you want him to be a 60% PVP and a 40% PVE Guardian? or do you want him to be a plain boring PVE tank Guardian? With the two choices given, obviously you don't want to be the boring type. That is why, I made this skill build focus on maximizing the MOST NEEDED PVP and PVE skills. In short, I made my Guardian a little hybrid which works perfect for me. So, without further ado, here's my best Guardian skill build in Dragon Nest SEA:

Must Read: Before you decide to max out a skill, I strongly suggest that you level your character to 50 first.

First and foremost, you might want to take a peek on my skill build for my Guardian in Dragon Nest SEA. My newest skill build is a Kick Guardian and this build has rewarded me with lots of wins in PVP arenas and also, I do enjoy PVE with this skill build (but mostly I enjoyed this skill build in Arenas)

Level 40 Skill Build for Guardian in Dragon Nest:
Cleric Skill Tree
Paladin Skill Tree
Level 50 Skill Build for Guardian in Dragon Nest:
Cleric Skill Tree
Paladin Skill Tree
Guardian Skill Tree
Cleric Skill Tree

Shield Blow- Not much of a good skill so I prefer leaving this skill as it is.

Divine Combo- You might want to reserve a slot for this skill in your hotkey as a Guardian, as it will definitely come in handy in PVP when your other skills are not yet available. You have the choice to max this skill for highest damage output or just leave it to 1 (preferable).

Charge Bolt- It won't hurt to add some SP on this skill for additional active attacking skills. As we all know, Guardian is a bit short of active-attacking skills as it is more on buffs and passive skills. In the end, it's your choice.

Holy Bolt- You have the choice to get this skill or not. If you think you need the 1 second binding, then go and get this skill. However, take note that this skill is close to being useless in PVE as it can bind small mobs only.

Lightning Strike- One of the skill that is very useful in PVP as it can launch a target into the air. However, just leave it to 1 as you need as much SP as possible for this build.

Block- I personally level this to 7. For a Guardian, this skill will be more useful than the other class advancement of a Cleric as you need this skill to make Guardian Force work everytime.

Heal- Level it to 6. The 10.5% heal percentage is enough for a Guardian as this class are Tankers and not Healers. At max level with proper Gears, they will have 100k plus HP and very high magical and physical defense.

Low Kick, Holy Kick, Dive Kick, Sliding Knee Kick- If you're planning to roll a Kick Build Guardian. Then you can allocate 1 SP on each skills. Kick build Guardian are really fun to have in terms of one-on-one combat, provided that you're a pro PVP player of course. However, if you do go with Kicks, you will sacrifice some skills which I don't prefer doing in my build.

Sliding Step- As always, I strongly suggest that you max this skill. 

Aerial Evasion- Max this skill or just leave it to 1. Most of the time, Guardian will stand still on the ground, with the help of their blocking skills leaving Aerial Evasion close to being useless in both PVE and PVP.

Toughness- Max this skill. For a Inquisitor and Saint, this may not be very useful as they are more on range attacks. But for a Guardian, the extra defence may come in handy as you will definitely be a Tank.

Physical Mastery, Mental Mastery, Mind Conquer- Max these skills to suffice the SP requirement and as well as boost your defense, HP, MP and MP recovery respectively.

Aura Restoration- Get this skill as it don't require any SP and it can be very helpful sometimes in both PVP and PVE.

Paladin Skill Tree

Holy Relic- Level it to 11 if you're going Crusader but put 1 SP on it if you're going Guardian. A good skill but not great when you're going Guardian. Sometimes, you need this skill to launch enemy into the air and close the gap between you and your target. We all know that Cleric is a really slow class and that is why, we need all the skill we can get to get closer to our enemies as much as possible.

Sacred Hammering- Level 1 for prerequisite. Have you ever heard about Infinite Combo in Dragon Nest? Well, this is the skill that can do that. If your enemy is on the ground (with no get up skills yet) and you have this buff on, then you can pound him endlessly using your normal attacks.

Lightning Zap- Might as well max this skill. With my new skill build, I max out this skill for the damage the transfer of lightning to other enemies. Now, I can be both destructive and distractive in the field with this skill.

Additional Note: At level 40 cap, you can level this skill high as their aren't any damager skills other than Armor Break and Electric Smite as a Paladin going Guardian. Anyway, there will be a skill reset at level 50 cap.

Electric Smite- Max this skill no matter what. This is one of your few active-attacking skills. The damage increment is good and when you have great gears, you can definitely cut a large chunk of your opponent's HP. A very lethal skill to have as a Paladin going Guardian.

How it works: This skill uses both physical and magical attack power. The initial hit when you strike your weapon on the ground has the physical damage while the lightning spread is the magic damage. 

Provoke- Cast this skill and you will lure enemies in front of you. At dungeons and Nests, you can provoke ALL enemies but in PVP arena, you can't provoke players but you can apply the debuff which lowers their stun and critical chance. I suggest to max this skill for the higher debuff and duration.

Important Note: Get this skill especially if you're going PVE build. Without this skill, you'll be a useless tanker as the monsters will definitely ignore you often times if you don't provoke them.

Divine Breaker- Put 1 Sp on this skill. A very nifty skill to have in PVP as it can actually hit opponents on the ground. However, maxing this skill would be unwise as the increment in damage is small.

Armor Break- Max this skill. When a target gets hit by this skill, not only that he/she will receive huge damage but his/her defense will also be lowered insanely for a certain period of time. A very great skill to have overall.

Shield Charge- You have the choice to either level this skill high or put 1 SP on this skill. This skill will allow you to close-in the gap between you and your enemy and, it can also hit enemies on the ground. The damage is also good at max level. A very well-rounded skill overall.

Autoblock- You can either max this skill or just put 6 SP on this skill to get the much needed Ex version.

Stance of Faith- Put 1 or 2 SP on this skill. I occasionally use this skill on PVP but almost every time in PVE. It will allow you to take a defensive stance for 12 seconds at level 2, to defend all attacks coming from the enemy. If you are attack when this skill is on, sacred power will automatically activate to attack nearbe enemies.

How to use: After you cast this skill, press and hold the Jump button to perform the defending stance. Take note that the skill is cancelled when you move your character.

Aerial Block- Put 1 SP on this skill as the 15% chance to block enemy attacks while in the air is enough.

Divine Punishment- Max this skill. When you have this buff on, it will return a certain percentage of the pure damage from enemy attacks for 20 seconds.

Iron Will- Max this skill. This what makes Paladin so darn hard to kill. It will significantly lower both physical and magical damage taken by your character. In fact, it will almost reduce 100% of enemy attacks.

Divine Ascension- Put 1 SP on this skill. When you successfully block an attack, you can then cast this skill to send enemy flying into the air. Very useful in PVP.

Divine Vengeance- Put 1 SP on this skill or don't. Slam your weapon to the ground after successfully blocking an enemy attack and has a chance to get stun the target. I usually get this skill for the stun and not for the damage.

Elemental Aura- You have the choice to max this skill or just put 1 SP on it. This buff is really good in party especially, when you have an Elestra or Saleana. In addition, it is quite useful at SDN, especially on Serpenta as the Ice defense can save your party from being wiped out instantly.

Conviction Aura- Max this skill. The reason why I maxed out this skill is because of the light damage increase. You might want to increase the light attack of your Electric Smite to do insane damage.

Ultimate Skill

Divine Avatar- There is no question that this sis one of the highly rated ultimate in the game. It makes a Guardian almost unstoppable as it insanely increases their main stats and movement speed for a certain period of time. When this skill is activated, it makes your Guardian invincible and a total killing machine.

Guardian Skill Tree

Guardian Force- This is the main tanking skill of a Guardian. To activate this skill, you need to block an attack for a certain amount of time and then, the Guardian bubbles will explode giving decent damage to the enemies nearby and creating a protective barrier for you and your party which can absorb insane damage. Very useful skill in Nest raids especially on SDN.

Autoblock Ex- You need this skill as it not only enhances the Autoblock of Guardians but also, if you have successfully block an attack, you can gain up to 10 Guardian bubbles which will boost your Strength and Intelligence in a certain percentage.

Justice Crash- With a few active-attacking skills on Paladin skill tree, you definitely need this skill. This skill can cause massive damage to enemies but that's not the best part however. It can actually stun enemies hit with a 100% chance and it can create a very large aggro. However, this skill don't do critical hits.

Update: In a recent patch, the developer has decided to give this skill the critical effect. In short, this skill has the ability to do critical hits now which makes it one of the most IMBA skill in Dragon Nest IMO.

How to Use: You can directly cast this skill so that your character will leap up to the air and quickly falls to the ground with tremendous force. Or, you can activate this skill by pressing the Jump button while you are in the air.

The next thing you need to see in this page is my preferred skill plates for this class. As a Guardian, I find these plates really beneficial in both PVP and PVE:

Divine Avatar- 20% increased duration
Electric Smite- 20% increased damage
Shield Break- 20% increased buff duration
Provoke- 20% increase duration
Iron Will- 20% increased buff duration
Block- 10% decreased coodown
Justice Crash- 12% decreased cooldown
Half Turn Kick- 50% additional action speed (PVP)

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