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Best Gladiator Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

Swift as the wind, the mighty Gladiator comes to Dragon Nest SEA destroying all those who dares block hist path. This mighty warrior is the perfect character for those hack 'n slash junkies who loves close combat and carrying a big sword. However, in order for you to do such things, you'll need to figure out what skills you must get for your Gladiator to become a merciless mean machine of destruction. Lucky for you, I have experienced playing the class and I think it would be best if I share to you my ideal skill build for a Gladiator in Dragon Nest SEA.

Must Read: Before you take a peek on my Gladiator Skill Build Guide, I strongly suggest not to max a skill yet on the Swordmaster skill tree, until you've reached level 50. The most common mistakes of Dragon Nest SEA players is they pumped up their skill at low levels which make them skipped certain skills that are needed for their respective character. In the end, it's vry important to be patient before deciding which skill you should max to the full extent. 

Note: Before anything else, I would just like to say that this is a Hybrid Gladiator Skill Build. There are other builds for this class posted on this blog and you can see them below:

First, I would like to show you an image of skill build for Gladiator in Dragon Nest. Here it is:

Level 40 Skill Build for Gladiator in Dragon Nest:

Important Note: Take Note that Counter Wave and Counter Slash is not yet excluded in this level cap. For a Gladiator just get Counter Slash.
Warrior Skill Tree
Swordmaster Skill Tree
Level 50 Skill Build for Gladiator in Dragon Nest:
Warrior Skill Tree
Swordmaster Skill Tree
Gladiator Skill Tree
Level 50 Skill Build after the 450 Mark Patch (with New Skill called Brave):
After the 450 Patch update, my Gladiator skill build has drastically change. With the new skill and some combined skill, now, this is my new skill build for my Gladiator.

Note: The only thing that have changed in my skill build is at the Swordmaster skill tree. It's because that's the only skill tree that the developer made changes. Warrior and Gladiator skill tree are not affected on these changes.
Swordmaster Skill Tree with Brave
Why Max Brave?
For a Gladiator, it may not be a great skill as it uses the magical attack of the Swordmaster attack but we can't just let the awesome buff and debuff just pass by! Take note that this skill will increase your attack power for a certain percentage and time and it has this superarmor reduction debuff. With this debuff, it will literally give us the ability to interrupt enemy attacks (its casting), giving us more chances to do chaining combos.

Why Counter Slash just level 1?
Yes! Indeed this skill is pretty impressive. Just think of the option to do both physical and magical damage to the enemy just by clicking either right or left click mouse button. But the fact is, this skill only procs when you have successfully parryied and enemy attack. Take note that our passive parry only will give us a 12% chance to counter while our parry buff will last for 18 seconds an it has a long cooldown which only means that we can't use it any times we want.

Warrior Skill Tree

Heavy Slash- Leave it at level 1. The damage is good but, it's not advisable to level it high as you'll need all the SP you can get to maximize the most needed skill for a Moonlord.

Impact Punch- Leave it at level 1 also. If you're a PVP fanatic, then you might want to leave a slot for this skill in your hotkey. It's a great skill to knock down an opponent which can often be use as part of a Swordmaster's chain combo.

Impact Wave- Send shockwave up to 4m away and can knock down opponents. It may be a good skill for utility purposes but, I suggest not to level it any further as you'll need all the SP you can get as possible.

Rising Slash- Level it up to 6. At this level, you can use the additional blow (that rising action) twice which has 25% extra damage and, its damage increment at this level is ridiculously good. So far, it's one of the best skill in the Warrior skill tree to invest SP, so that you can achieve the 45 SP requirement to skill from the SM skill tree, until to your Ultimate.

Dash- Another great skill that you must max in the Warrior skill tree.It gives the warrior classes great mobility. With the skill revamped in DN SEA, its MP consumption was lessen into the point that you can't even notice your MP going down while using this skill.

Circle Break- This might be a good skill to level up high as a Gladiator. The skill does good damage in a fairly wide AOE and has super-armor breaking capabilities. It may be a good skill to have as a Gladiator as it uses the physical side of the attack of a Swordmaster.

Tumble- Max this skill to make an evasive action every 2.6 seconds. 

Wake Attack- Get this skill. This is your only way to get up fast after hitting the ground, and damage the enemy while in the process.

Dropkick- Invest 1 SP for utility purposes in PVP or don't bother getting this skill. This skill might come in handy in PVp as you can hit your enemies while on the air. A very good skill as a part of your chain combo but very useless in PVE.

Sweeping Kick- This skill is just for PVP. It allows you to hit knock down opponents and possibly start another chain combo. Don't get this skill if you're going PVE type.

Soccer Kick- Don't invest SP on it. If this was a Destroyer/Barbarian skill build guide, then I would probably suggest getting this skill. But it's not.

Aerial Evasion- Max this skill. This skill will give you the chance to escape when you're being juggled in the air.

Physical Mastery- Max this skill to increase your HP.

Mental Mastery- Max this skill to increase your MP.

Mind Conquer- Max this skill to increase your MP recovery.

Highlander- Get this skill no matter what. It can help you and your party survive a vicious attack for a certain period of time. Say for example, the Lava Golem has casted his ignition skill and you've used HL before that, then you just saved the whole party from being wiped out.

Relieve- Level it up to 3 for the two debuff removal. Very useful in PVP and also in PVE sometimes.

Swordmaster Skill Tree

Triple Slash- Level it to 11 or more. Very useful in terms of PVP as it can be your first attack to initiate a chain combo. When enemy gets hit with this skill, they can't take action until the finishing slash, unless they've casted counter skills like the Engineer's Flash Grenade.

Front Shove- Level it to 6 or more. Usually, this skill is very useful in PVP as it can enable you to step back, and then launch an attack forward, destroying the enemy's rhythm and can save you from being combo-ed to death.

Hacking Stance- Level it to 6 when going Gladiator. This is one of the skill why Swordmasters are considered great in PVP. If you successfully hit your enemy with this skill, then he/she will be helpless for the whole duration of the skill. This class can utilize this skill very well as it can do more damage.

How to use: I advice that you use this skill wisely. In terms of PVP, make sure that your enemy is not moving as you'll it will be difficult to catch him/her when he/she is moving around as when you casted the skill, your character will be in "drawing sword" stance which decreases your mobility. In terms of PVE, don't ever spam this skill when its available as you will definitely put yourself in danger by doing so.

Rage- Max this skill. A great player killer in PVP and one of the perfect skill for a Gladiator. I often got kills on PVP with this one as it can do good damage in one hit flawless hit. All you need to do is, draw a distance between you and your enemy, then perfectly aim on your target, and then BOOM!

Dash Slash- Level it to 1. The first skill you can immediately cast while in Dash. Usually, I use this skill to start a chain combo in PVP, which is very effective by the way.

Dash Combo- Level it to 1. After Dash Slash, you can follow up with a few hits using this skill. Very good skill in PVP.

Eclipse- Max this skill. Another perfect skill for a Gladiator. The super-armor breaking capabilities as well as the damage increment is really great when you're a Gladiator. You need the highest super-armor reduction as possible to be able to do a chain combo as often times, SM's attack can be interrupted.

Counter Slash- Get this skill to level 1 if you're going Gladiator. It's the most effective counter skill for Gladiator as it uses the physical side of a Warrior

Provoking Slam- This skill must be at max level. Yet another great skill to be maximized as a Gladiator. The additional damage percentage when you hit the enemy and as well as it's damage is incredibly awesome.

Aerial Combo- Level it to 1. A good skill to have in terms of PVP. Perfect to use after using Rising Slash.

Parrying- Max this skill. This skill gives you the chance to counterattack. The skill works like this: When you have successfully parry-ed and attack, you can then use Counter Slash. However, you should be extra observant on your character so that you don't miss seeing your character black an attack using his sword.

Parrying Stance- Max this skill or leave it to 1. Compared to Parrying, this skill allows your character to parry enemy attacks for a 100% rate. However, this buff only last for 12 seconds at level 1. If you think that's enough, then don't level it any further but, if you find the extra duration useful, then max this skill. 

Counter Wave- Don't get this skill. This might not be a very good skill when going Gladiator as it uses the physical side of a Swordmaster.

Counter Exile- Level it to 1. This skill may become your extra evasion skill as it can also be activated when you're being attacked in the air. Might really come in handy in both PVE and PVP.

Moonlight Splitter- Level it to 1 for prerequisite. This is one of the skill you want to max if you're going Moonlord. It's a highly spammable skill as it has and 8 seconds cooldown and the best part is, when a plater or small mobs gets hits by those waves, they will be in a stagger state for a certain period of time.

Cyclone Slash-Level it to 1 for prerequisite or to 5 for a larger cyclone . When leveled up, the cyclone get bigger and most of all, the damage of this skill will be insanely high if you level it further. However, it can be a bit tricky to use in terms of PVP as the cyclone will be in slow motion moving towards a target, which makes it easy to avoid. Proper set-up is needed using this skill in PVP.

Crescent Cleave- Don't get this skill when going Gladiator. If this was a Moonlord skill build, I would probably advised that you level this to 6 as its a very good skill in terms of doing large damage to huge nest bosses. At level 6, you can throw 5 sword energy, which looks like a claw.

Additional Details: From what I've noticed using the skill, I've learned that the damage increases as the sword wave(s) passes through the enemy. For example, the initial hit will do a 5,000 damage and then it will become 7,000 and so on, until it finally passes the enemy. That's why it's a great skill to have in PVE.

Halfmoon Slash- Don't get this skill. One of the greatest skill of a Moonlord, but rather not that good for Gladiator as it uses the magical attack power. Yes it might be useful because it has a wide frontal AOE and with a 50% animation speed plate for this skill, it is a formidable skill but the fact is, you are Gladiator and even though the damage amplification of this skill is great, without you having a great magical attack power, the damage means nothing.

Ultimate Skill

Infinity Edge- One of the skill in the game which has the highest DPS. However, it you'll need to make every hit counts so that the enemy will suffer the whole damage of the skill. Needless to say, it's the Ultimate skill you need when going for Gladiator.

Gladiator Skills Tree

Evasion Slash- Max at level 2. It will allow you to rotate backwards to avoid enemy and launch an attack. The best part is, it can be triggered during any skill motion even if in air. For example, you're in the middle of using your Rage skill and then a Merc is very close at you. You can then cast the Evasion slash to cancel the skill and then counterattack. Another good thing about this skill is it has iframe which makes you invincible for any attack during the use of this skill.

Triple Slash EX- If you want the Enhanced version of triple slash, then go get this skill. If you do get this Ex version, you will have a new attack combo by using right clicking instead of left clicking. But if you think that the new attack combo is not worth in your skill tree, then you have the choice to not get it and spend the SP intended for this skill to your preferred skills.

Finishing Attack- Get this skill. Aside from it looks really amazing, it can knock down your enemy and deal a great amount of damage with its finishing blow. If target’s hp is below 40%, increase the skill dmg by 2% for each 1% of hp left which is a good fact by the way.

Now, let's proceed to the needed skill plate of a Gladiator. For a Gladiator, I prefer the following skill crest:

Infinity Edge: +20% damage 
Finishing Attack: 20% CD reduction 
Parry Stance: +20% Duration 
Hacking Stance: +20% damage per second 


Infinity Edge- 12% CD reduction 
Finishing Attack- 20% CD reduction 
Rage- 12% CD reduction 
Crescent Cleave: +20% damage 

For PVP, you can go with:

Sweeping Kick: 50% action speed 

Triple Slash: 12% cd reduction

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