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Best Elestra Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

Elestra is without a doubt the coolest babe in the world of Lagendia. Not only that she freezes everyone with her stunning beauty, but she can actually freeze any enemy and send them to an Icy abyss. The strength of Elestra comes from her Ice attacks which gave him the advantage of controlling the playing field. With her slow and freeze attacks, she can deliver vicious blows which will put someone to sleep.....PERMANENTLY!

However, what I really love about her is that, her Ice attacks stacks a freezing debuff which can literally increase the damage taken by the enemy. I don't know if you notice this but, based on my experience, my damage can increase a 100% if I can properly stack the freezing debuffs. For example, when I use Glacial Spike and then it hits and freezes the enemy, it can actually give me 50% more damage to the next skill I cast. Even more, if I cast Glacial Wave, a few seconds after Glacial Spike, then I notice that it will give me a 100% damage boost! Soo cool isn't it?! That is why, Elestra can be so darn good in dealing huge damage in both PVP and PVE while supporting her teammates. So, are you ready to become an Elestra?

If you're ready, then the first thing you need to do is to find out first what are the most needed skills for this class. To help you decided which skills to choose, I have put up a guide which will definitely help you in creating the perfect skill build for Elestra. My build will focus on maximizing SOME of the Ice attacks of the Elemental Lord and getting SOME useful fire skills on the way. I have consulted fellow guildmates with this skill build and so far, they think it's great! So, without further ado, I give you my preferred skill build for an Elestra in Dragon Nest SEA.

First, I would like to show you my current level 50 skill build for my Elestra. If you have thoroughly followed my skill points allocation, I'm pretty sure that you have extra points left. At this point, its your decision on which skill you want to allocate them. Its either on most needed fire skills for more fire power or on the Ice skills which will benefit you more slow/freeze debuffs. Its totally up to you! In my case, my final skill tree looks like this:
Sorceress Skill Tree
Elemental Lord Skill Tree
Elestra Skill Tree
Sorceress Skill Tree

Flame Burst- Not much of a needed skill for Elestra so I don't level this skill up.

Glacial Spike- Saleana skill build or Elestra skill build, I think it would be wise to level this skill high. In my case, I level this skill to the extent where I got a 20% freeze probability. The only downside of this skill is its very slow.The skill takes time to travel and hit the target. However, when it hits, it has a chance to freez them for over 4 seconds which only means a lot of trouble for them.

How to use: To use this skill more effectively, cast this only when the enemy get slowed significantly.With the help of a lot of slowing skills from Elestra, I'm pretty sure that you can manage to make this skill hit your target.

Void Blast- Don't get this skill. I did not get this skill as it's not worth leveling because the only thing you'll benefit from this skill is the range and some damage. It might be a good skill to have as a Majesty or Smasher as they don't usually benefit great on Glacial Spike.

Shockwave- When all your skills are off cooldown, you don't want your enemy to be neat you as we know that Sorceress are very squishy. So, you need this skill to push them away to get out from bad situations. Put 1 SP on this skill.

Mana Flow- This skill doesn't require any SP and it deducts a certain percentage of MP consumption when you use this skill. So, its a good skill to get.

Wheeling Attack- A very bad skill to invest SP as it uses the physical attack power of Sorceress. Don't ever allocate SP on this skill.

Poison Missile- Just put 1 SP on this skill or level it to 6 if you're going PVP-type for the three poison puddle that will be lying on the ground. You don't need this skill for the damage but for its effect when it hits a target. When a target has been hit by this skill (with no escape skills), then he will be trap in that gooey substance lying at the floor for a couple of seconds leaving him/her very vulnerable with your next attacks.

Counter Spell- Get this skill as it enables you to get back up immediately after being knowckdown.

Charged Missile- I prefer skipping this skill as I rather invest my SP to those skills which has the most benefits.

Aerial Evasion- Max this skill to save you from being juggled for a very long time in the air.

Blink- Max this skill for maximum mobility and evasion.

Escape- I prefer getting 1 on this skill. The evasion you will get from this skill when you have been staggered by an enemy attack is very important, especially in PVP.

Hammer Strike- Don't put SP on this skill. Trust me, this skill will not do any good for you. Better spend the SP meant for this skill to the most needed ones.

Additional Details: I don't know if you have notice but, this skill has the ability to break some skills. It can break the casting of skills like Smasher's Laser Cutter. 

Poor Kick- This skill will stunned enemy into the air. Some say that this is a great skill to have in PVP but I prefer skipping it as I want my enemy to be frozen to death in the ground.

Physical Mastery, Mental Mastery, Mind Conquer- Max these skills to boost your HP, MP and MP recovery.

Elemental Lord Skill Tree

This is the most crucial part of the skill build. In most cases, other guides will tell you to go pure Ice as it is more suited for an Elestra. However, with DN SEA using the T4 version of the skill tree, that might be a very bad idea. For those who doesn't know, some Ice skills has been nerfed (there damage has been insanely leveled down) to the extent that it's close to being useless. And, if you compare the difference in the damage between the fire and ice skills, you'll definitely see a sizeable advantage of the fire skills. In addition to that, some Fire skills outshines Ice skills when they are leveled up as the increment gets insanely high if you do so. And lastly, if you do want to maxed out ALL your Ice skills due to someone have said that the movement speed reduction percentage/duration and the cold resistance reduction will significantly get high at max level, don't take their words! I've tested it and it has given me headaches! You'll definitely end up messing your skill tree. The facts are these:

Frost Wind- At level 6, it will only give you 1 seconds increment in movement speed duration but no increment in movement speed percentage.

Glacial Spike- At level 7 it will give a 6 seconds freeze duration.

Icy Shards- At level 11 it will only give a 1 second additional slow duration, but no additional percentage in both cold resist and movement speed reduction.

Freezing Field- At level 7 it will only give you a 2 seconds increase in duration to both cold resist and movement speed reduction. When you continue leveling it though to level 8, it will give you a 4 seconds duration in both debuffs but still, no additional percentage.

Frozen Spike- Even if leveled up high, the only thing that increases in this skill is its damage not the status effects applied on the enemy.

Chilling Mist- At level 7, you will gain a lot of damage output from this skill but still, it will give a 7 seconds duration to both cold resist and movement speed reduction.

Shatter- At level 7, the damage becomes 430%+5016 but the movement speed reduction will still be 7 seconds in duration.

Knowing all these facts, would you still maximize all the Ice skills as an Elestra? I think not. So, what I recommend is not to max SOME of the Ice Skill at the EL skill tree. Pick those most needed Ice skills and get SOME very useful damager fire. My preferred skill build for an Elestra would be like this:

Fireball- Put 1 SP for prerequisite. One of the most lethal skill in the EL skill tree. For a Saleana, it would be wise to max this skill as they will get the Ex version as they have the option to have 3 Fireballs shoot at a fan direction but for an Elestra, it's not that good especially in PVP. Most of players in PVP are very good at dodging your Fireball so I prefer just leveling this to 1.

Inferno- Put 1 SP on this skill for prerequisite. Not much to explain here as it's definitely not advisable (IMO) for an Elestra to max this skill.

Fire Wall- Just level to 1 for prerequisite.

Important Note: This skill has decent super armor breaking capability. So, you may use this skill for utility as an Elestra.

Fire Shield- Just level to 1 for prerequisite.

Flame Road- Max this skill. This is one of the skills which has the highest overall DPS in the game. It could be very useful to Elestra not only for the damage but also for the mobility. In most cases, I use this skill not only to burn enemy to ashes, but to chase them or run away from them. In short, with this skill, I have damage, burn status effect and the mobility which is most needed in terms of PVP.

Flame Spark- You have the choice to get this skill or not. Might be useful in PVP though as you might want to use this skill as your starting attack after you Blink or as a filler in times when all of your main skills are off cooldown. But in my personal preference, I did not get this skill for my Elestra.

Phoenix Storm- I prefer to max this skill. With Glacial Spike at max level, you will definitely love this skill as it will do 10-12k damage in PVP. Very good skill to have when you manage to hit all phoenix bird in one targe

Ignite- Don't put SP on this skill. I prefer not getting this skill to maximize the most needed fire and ice skills.

Frost Wind- Get this skill. A good skill to slow enemy after you blink. Very useful in terms of PVP.

Glacial Wave- Max this skill for the highest duration of freeze status. Very useful skill especially in PVP as the 4 seconds freeze status will definitely give headaches to opponents.

Shatter- Put 1 SP on this skill. I think it's not worth leveling high due to the fact that the movement speed reduction nor its percentage will not increase. And besides, we have the fire skills to do a lot of damage per seconds.

Icy Shards- Max this skill. One of your main skill as an Elestra. Its damage, range and slow is pretty neat to 
have especially in PVP.

Freezing Field- Max this skill also. At first, I ignore the benefit of this skill. But when I had finally mastered how to use my Elestra, I find this skill really good. The damage is really superb as an Elestra because of the Ice stacking effect plus, the movement reduction is pretty sick, leaving me no choice but to max this skill. The only thing you need for this skill to be effective is make it hit a target of course :).

Frozen Spikes- Get this skill. Although it has no significant increase in both status effects and damage, it can be a good skill to have especially in catching an opponent and juggling them a couple of times in mid-air (especially in PVP).

Ice Shield- Max at level 4 for the 9% physical and magical damage reduction. I know, the percentage is very low due to we are using the T4 version of the skill tree but, as a squishy character, we do need the damage reduction.

Chilling Mist- Max this skill as the damage increment is significant and the increased in slow status and cold resist might come in handy in both PVP and PVE.

Mana Surge- Might as well as max this skill for a higher chance to regain a certain percentage of mana after using a skill.

Hell Fire- You do have fire skills, so why not get this passive skill? It's not a bad idea increasing the critical damage of your fire skills when you're a hybrid Elestra

Ultimate Skill

Blizzard Storm- For an Elestra, she must have this ultimate to get her 3rd job skills. It's a fairly useful skill as it has wide AOE, decent damage and most of all, it can freeze nearby enemies with a certain probability.

Elestra Skill Tree

Ice Barrier- A must have skill as an Elestra. When casted, your character will have a protective Ice barrier for a certain duration which will absorb a couple of damage taken. After the shield has reached its damage absorption rate/time, it will then explode dealing damage and freezing nearby enemies for a couple of seconds. Very useful skill in terms of PVP.

Icy Shard Ex/Ice Sword Ex- You must also get this skill. This will enhance your Icy Shard skill. Now, you can shoot a series of Ice shards in a straight-line path and at the very tip of it,it will summon a gigantic Ice sword. In short, it extends the frontal range of your Icy Shards and as well as add some damage to it.

Ice Spear- Summons an Ice Ball that shoots ice spears. You might also want to put 1 SP on this skill for additional Ice attacks. This is another skill that can freeze enemy and by that, more chances of dealing more damage due to freeze stacking.

As always, I will also show you my preferred skill plates for an Elestra. At the moment, I'm using the following skill plates for my charater:

Flame Road- 20% increased damage
Chilling Mist- 20% increased damage
Ice Shield- Hit damage decreased by 15%
Fireball- 20% increased damage

Ice Barrier- 20% increased buff duration

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