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Best Leveling Guide in Dragon Nest

Owning a high level character in Dragon Nest SEA is pretty easy. In fact, it'll take just a week or less to level up your character from 1 to 50. And proudly, I think I have enough knowledge to share to you a great guide in leveling up fast in Dragon Nest SEA and at the same time, making some money.

But before reading my guide, I would like to explain the fast leveling while making some money part of this guide. If you're a newbie on the game, probably you'll have nothing. No gold, no equips and definitely no costumes to look fancy. That's why, I've decided to create a guide which will help you level up your character within a week or less while earning 5,000-8,000 gold in the process. So, let's cut to the chase and look at my guide on how to level up fast on Dragon Nest SEA.

Level 1-9 Guide

At the very beginning, I suggest that you just do all the available quests until you reach level 10. Another friendly advice while at these levels is to choose multiple quests which will be done in the same dungeon. In this way, you'll wast no time in getting your character to level 10. The next thing you'll need to remember is to pick up as many level 4 magic equipments which is suited for your character. After you got a full set of level 5 magic equips (weapons and armors), pause your grinding for awhile and head to the nearest blacksmith in town and upgrade those equips to atleast +8 or utmost +10 if you feel a bit lucky. Why do this? It's because you'll need to boost your attack, HP and MP pool to survive at dungeons while at these levels. And the last piece of advice  I can give you while on these levels is to enter every dungeons at "Master" difficulty to gain more experience.

Level 9-18 Guide

After hitting level 9, go back to town and then find the Ticket Officer. After that, teleport to Calderock Village wherein you'll be looking for your Master/Booster. I suggest that you choose a channel where it's crowded and head to the entrance of Cristal Stream. From there, you'll need to find a level 40 character which is offering boosting services. As we all know, there's a system called "Apprenticeship" in Dragon Nest wherein high level characters can help lower ones level up fast. Take advantage of this system!

After finding a Master/Booster, instruct him to help you out until level 18 at Sigh Canyon Abyss Mode.

Why grind at Sigh Canyon (Abyss) at level 10-18?

After various research and experimentation, I have determined that Sigh Canyon done in Abyss mode is the fastest way to level up from 10-15. The dungeon itself is pretty small which will allow you to finisht it for only 2-3 mins. (depends on the expertise of your booster/master).

When you've reached level 15, head back to town, go to your respective Skill Trainer (where you learn new skills) and do the Skill Specialization quest immediately so you could change to your desired job advancement. When you're finished with your job change quest, you'll be rewarded with a "Skill Initialization Scroll" which you can get from Event Planner Irine. I suggest that you just leave that reset scroll in the hands of Irine until you are sure of what skill you're going to maximize or leave.

After completing your quest, you'll need to enter Sigh Canyon (Abyss) if your master/booster is still around or, you can do it solo but this time, in Master difficulty only to reach level 16.

Important Notes: Makes sure that you will always have one dimensional key left to open the dimensional bunny's box at the end of each run. You'll need those to get fragments from the box to earn as much money as possible and if you're lucky enough, you might get an epic grade heraldry skill. Also, ask your master/booster to give you all the level 16 rare equipments which is suited for you. You must have a level 16 rare grade set which is upgraded to atleast +6 when you've reached level 16. If not, you can buy them on Trading House for a very cheap price. Normally, it will cost 1-3 gold per parts and I'm pretty sure that you can afford these parts.

Level 18-24 Guide

In this stage of your grinding, you have two choices. One is to have a booster to help you level up (like in level 10-16 guide) in Dark Tower Magic Institute Abyss or, you can solo this dungeon in Master difficulty. If you choose to have a booster on your side, normally it will take an hour or less to level up from 16-24. However, your booster will definitely take all the loots or take 2 keys + incomplete stamp which or worst, take all the loots which will leave you little to nothing gold to buy equipment for the next leveling process.

So, assuming that you already have the level 16 rare set, I suggest that you enter DTMI in master difficulty alone. The only downside of entering this dungeon in master difficulty solo is, it will take more than 3 mins to finish it. And also, you'll need to go back in town after every 2 runs to repair your equips. While the benefits are:
  • You'll get to loot Rough Agate a lot which you can then sell for a couple of gold.
  • You can also loot other Rough Jewels which then you can sell.
  • You can get level 24 rare equips which you can use or sell.
  • Get Incomplete Stamp at the end of each run
  • You can loot Rusty Music Box often which is a good money maker
  • You can loot dimensional keys
Additional details: When you've reached level 18, be sure to do the board quests in DTMI. Also, don't forget to buy +8 level 24 rare grade equips at Trading House as you'll need this in the next leveling process.

Level 24-26 Guide

If you've decided to go with Epic 24 gears or even, an Elf's Queen Corpse set, you can go to Saint Haven and do Master runs on Abandon Welton or Dried Marissa Spring. If you want to know how to finish these dungeons quick, you can check out the videos below later.

However, if you want to stick with the +8 level 24 rare grade set, then you have the choce to do abyss runs in DTMI or continue the Master run on the dungeon and farm for gold a bit more. Anyway, the dungeon gets easier at these stage as you'll have the 24 equips coupled with new skills. From now on, you can run 3-4 times before returning to town to repair your stuffs.

Level 26-32 Guide

In this stage of the game, all you need to do is go to Saint Haven, change to a crowded channel, teleport to the entrance of Foothills Black Mountain and look for a party which will do Abyss runs on Dark Overlord Keep (DOK). Normally, DOK runs in abyss will have four members in the party. Don't try to solo this dungeon as it poses a lot of threat to level 26 and below players.

Why run in DOK?
Dark Overlord Keep (Abyss) is the best way to level up from 26-32 and aside from that, it is the best dungeon to farm:
  • Intermediate Agate Code
  • Intermediate Crystal Code
  • Intermediate Diamond Code
  • Ordinary Jewels (found in royal crest located at the vack of the two ogres)
Important Notes: Don't forget to always do the level 26 board quest at Dark Overlor Keep.

Level 32-40

Congratulations! You have finally reached level 32. You should not only rejoice of the fact that you're half way of attaining a high level character.

First, let's discuss on the leveling part. The best dungeon to level up when your level 32 is in Forsaken Islet Core located at Hermalte Port. Based on experience and research, FIC has the highest experience yield from both board quest and dungeon exp. Correct me if I'm wrong , I think FIC yields 11% or more when your at level 32-37 and 7% or more when your level 38-40. I know, it's pretty small compared to when you're grinding at level 10-16 or 16-24. But the fact is, I've tried every dungeon (both in Saint Haven and Calderock Village), and I've concluded that FIC is the most efficient dungeon for grinding from 32-40. Most dungeon will yield 3% at this levels and worst, 1.x%. So, I suggest that you stick with FIC.

Level 40-45 Guide

Head to Lotus Matsh. From there, you can either look for a party or enter Riverwort Ruins (RR) located at the Northeast side of Lotus Marsh Town. If you go with a party of 4, you can enter RR in Master difficulty and finish it within 3 minutes (in average). With a party, you can gain 7-12% EXP from both dungeon and its level 42 board quests.

But, if you think you can do it alone, then here's what you need and your benefit. When going solo, I recommend that you at least have a +6 cerberus set or a +8 Level 40 rare equips, with suffixes by the way, to complete 2 runs in Master difficulty before heading back to town to repair your equips. The EXP yield in soloing the dungeon will be a bit higher, ranging from 10% to !5% utmost. However, the downside is, it will take time to finish the dungeon.

Important Notes: Do not go alone if you're a Cleric Class, especially if you're a Priest. As we all know, Cleric classes are slow character which makes it hard for them to finish the dungeon fast. Also, when you'be reached level 44 with 80% EXP or more, I suggest that you pause for awhile from grinding and go get your level 44 Specialization quest in your respective Skill Trainer at Lotus Marsh Town. Also, be sure to get each board quest in each dungeon you'll enter while in the Specialization quest.

Important Note: You might have already notice that the last level 42 quest (Urgent Order/News) must be done in Abyss difficulty which is not really TRUE. You can finish it in Master difficulty.

Level 45-50 Guide

When you're reached level 45 and finally have you 3rd job advancement, then you can now continue grinding with a party or in solo mode at Riverwort Ruins, again. The EXP gain when you're with a party in these levels will be ranging from 3% to 6% per run, while 5% to 8% when you're going solo.

Why is that Riverwort Ruins, in Master difficuly, is the only recommended dungeon for level 40-50 leveling?
Simple, It's because RR in master difficulty is the smallest and easiest dungeon out there in Lotus Marsh, which yields the most EXP. If you'll continue to grind at FIC, you'll definitely notice that now, it's much more harder to gain EXP there. In addition to that, other dungeons located at Lotus Marsh may yield the same EXP as RR but, it's very long as there will be puzzles and powerful mobs on the way. So, in the end, Riverwort Ruins is the best so far in leveling from 40-50 in Dragon Nest SEA.

Last Important Note: I would just like to remind you all that my guide is towards those newbies in the game. That is why, I've included some farming methods to help them earn gold while grinding. However, if you have the gold, you can skip my farming guides and proceed as follow:

Level 1to10- Do all your quests.
Level 10 to 24- Ask help from a level 40 character to boost you at Sigh Canyon (level 10-16) and DTMI (level 16-24).
Level 24 to 26- Just follow my guide for this level
Level 26 to 32- Always join a party and run Dark Overlord Keep in Abyss.
Level 32 to 40- Always join a party and run Forsaken Islet Core either in Abyss or Master difficulty.
Level 40 to 50- Go with a party or go solo, and run Riverwort Ruins in Master difficulty.

Bonus Tip: Now here is a bonus tip for you. When you are grinding, you can choose any skills you want. What I mean is, you can put SP to suffice the requirements for the level 32 skills and the ultimate skills. But, don't use up any skill initialization scroll yet. In my experience, at level 15, you will receive a skill initialization scroll which you can get at Irine. Do not use this skill reset until you reach level 50. Also, you will get another skill initialization scroll at level 30. Also, do not use up this skill reset. Use this when you are level 50.

In this way, you can do solo runs because you will have skills that can clear out mobs and at level 50, you can now then reset all your skill so that you can create the best skill build for your class. You can refer on my skill build for each class in my blog.

Did you find my article "Best Leveling Guide in Dragon Nest SEA" helpful? If you do, then write down some feedbacks on the comment box or share your thoughts about my article. Suggestions and recommendations are also accepted.