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Best Gearmaster Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

Hello guys! Welcome yet again to another Dragon Nest SEA guide. This time around, I will be discussing about my preferred skill build for Gearmasters. As we all know, Gearmasters are master strategist. They love to distract their opponents with their ducks, towers and Alfredo, while using missiles and grenades to both immobilize and deal damage to the enemies. And also, we know that Gearmasters has lots of skills ranging from range combat skills to summoning skills and, it's your job to find out which skill is more suitable for a Gearmaster and which are not. This only means that you have to left out some skills for you to be able to maximize the most needed ones. To help you decide which is which, I've managed to create what I call, the best Gearmaster skill Build, which I created from various research and experimentation. This will serve as your guide in determining which skills are valuable for a Gearmaster and which are not. So, without further ado, I present to you my Best Skill Build for Gearmaster in DN SEA.

First, I would like to show you an image of my current level 50 skill build for my Gearmaster. Here it is:
Academic Skill Tree
Engineer Skill Tree
Gearmaster Skill Tree
Due to request of one reader in this blog, I will also post my hotkey for Gearmaster here. You can check it out below:
Click to Enlarge Image
Level 50 skill build after 450 Mark Patch:
Academic to Gearmaster Skill Build After 450 Mark Patch
Engineer to Gearmaster Skill Build After 450 Mark Patch
Gearmaster Skill Build After 450 Mark Patch
Academic Skill Tree

Triple Shot- Leave it to level 1. It has a 5 secs cooldown which can often be spam. However, I suggest that you leave it at 1 as in terms of PVP, this skill may put you in bad position. When this skill is used, your character will be stuck in a shooting animation for at least over a second with no way to move or cancel the casting of the skill. So in the end, it's better to use this skill wisely than to spam it madly.

Air Shot- Leave it at level 1. This skill is amazing in PVP. In times when you need extra time for your opponent to be on his back, then this is the skill you want to use. We all know that Engineer are gifted with skills to lock down (such as gravity grenade) enemies before deploying their towers and ducks. But the fact is, every character in the game has their own dodge skill which they can use to escape. That is why you need Air Shot as your extra lock down skill.

Napalm Bomb- Leave it to level 1. This skill is a bit tricky to use. You'll need to aim on the feet of the enemy to trigger the splash damage. The initial damage hasn't got that decent fire power so that's why you need the splash damage. However, it doesn't do a whole lot of damage (neither initial and splash damage) and the worst part is, it's really hard to aim. So, I prefer using this skill when the opponent is on the ground or, I rather not put it on my hotkey.

Stun Grenade- Max this skill. Due to the skill revamped in Dragon Nest SEA, this skill is a must to be maxed. The stun chance increases as it levels up and most importantly, the damage increment has become very significant. However, it may not be as good as before as the stun chance is only 50% at max level but the fact is, it can still stun people and now, it can do good damage to enemies.

Wax- One of the must have skill of an Academic. Max this skill. You must have the 50% speedbuff and the 24% slip chance. At numbers, that maybe small but in reality, it happens almost everytime. This skill can and will slip Elemental Lord using Flame Road and even Paladins using their Block skill.

Force Out- Don't spend SP on this skill. The range of this skill is very short and it's hard to aim. Plus, you don't want this skill as a Gearmaster as it's a magical skill (uses magic attack power).

Summon Alfredo- Don't put any SP or Level it to 2. When you plan to put points on the Alfredo skill tree, then I suggest that you just level it to 2 when you decide to get Alfredo as it will be enough so that Alfredo can can take more damage with the Damage Transition buff. At level 2, it will give Alfredo x4 of the players vitality which is very essential while using the Damage Transition buff. However, if you're a player who want's to maximize their DPS skills, then leave this skill to zero.

Important Note: Before you decide to have Alfredo as an asset, I strongly suggest that from now on, you must ALWAYS be observant of what Alfredo is doing. Proper management of this big bad robot is a must when you decide to get his skill tree.

Alfredo Recall- If you have decided to get Alfredo, then don't forget to get this skill. Sometimes, Alfredo will go to places you don't want him to and worst, he will be stuck into that certain location. That is why, you'll need this skill to teleport him immediately in front of you. Also, recalling Alfredo can be a great PVP tactic. For example, when your enemy is in front of you and, Alfredo has casted his Hurricane, then you can recall him in front of you to continue his psycho whirlwind-ing on the enemy in front of you.

Bubble Bubble- Max this skill to level  if you want to go with PVP build. It can disable a target for 3 secs leaving him/her vulnerable to any of your next attack. The best part is, this skill ignores super armor and the block/parry skills which makes it a very dependable skill as it can disable Merc's which has casted their Iron Skin buff or casting their Whirlwind (cannot disable when skill is already in action), EL who casted Flame Road and even SM and Cleric who casted their Parry and Block skills respectively.

How to use: This skill must be properly use to be more effective. I suggest that you aim for the feet of your target as usually when it hit's the ground, it will spread a small invisible splash in a small area which will hit everything around the location.

Update: After a recent patch, the immobility effect stays at 1 second even if it is leveled high. That is why I have decided to level this skill to 1.

Aerial Evasion- In my own preference, I have just put level 1 on this skill as often times, I can get out when being juggled using the Air Bomb (second Aerial Evasion skill).

Dodge- This skill must also be max. Gearmaster rely much on his evasion skill and there's no way you can survive without this one.

Air Bomb- Level up to 1 or don't get it. If you're a PVP fanatic, this skill might come in handy. It allows you to leap a little higher above the ground and, it can knock back opponents when it hit. However, if you're purely a PVE type, then I suggest not to get this skill.

Circle Bomb- Max this skill. PVE or PVP, you should max this skill. It's your only way to get up after hitting the ground. Normally, people would say that this is really a useful skill just in terms of PVP only but, only a few know that this is really helpful in dungeons, especially on difficult ones wherein you'll encounter monsters which has a very high stun rate.

Physical Mastery- This is where you put your spare SP to increase your Health Points.

Mental Mastery- This is where you put your spare SP to increase your Mana Points.

Mind Conquer- This is where you put your spare SP to increase your Mana Regeneration Rate.

Engineer Skill Tree

Ping Pong Bomb- Level it to 11 or high. Due to the skill revamped, this skill's damage has increase greatly. However, the damage increase each time it hits is now 1% at level 1. So, if you want to increase the damage per hit, then I suggest that you maximize this. It's a very great and fun skill to use. It has a fast animation, extremely fast projectile speed, low cooldown and has good damage which makes it an amazing skill overall. This skill can hit multiple target for 9 times and the good part is, it can bounce to the same target several times for massive damage. But wait! That's not all. When your PVP-ing with Pries, Force User or fellow Engineers, you can take advantage of the uniqueness of this skill as it can bounce to relics, towers, force mirror and mushrooms (skill plate from bishop nest). This will leave those character behind or close to the relics vulnerable to the bouncing ball.

Additional Details: When Ping Pong Bomb just hit a single target without any other enemies around them, it will actually hit them twice dealing a good amount of damage.

Mine Thrower- Leave this skill at prerequisite which is 1. This skill may look amazing at first glance as it will literally rain bombs to the enemy when casted. However, when you had actually used it, you'll come to a realization that it's best to leave this skill at prerequisite. The reality is, it's really hard to aim this skill to the opponent and also, when it's obstructed by a terrain such as slopes, there will be no bombs raining over the enemies. And lastly, this skill does very small damage to single targets such as players. But still, this skill has a decent super armor breaking capability (at least).

Biochemical Missile- Max this skill. This skill is absolutely fantastic when used properly. It has a decent AOE damage, has a 30% critical resistance debuff and a 15% all resistance debuff to all enemies that has been hit by this skill for over 20 seconds. However, the skill has slow animation and the missile takes sometime to hit the ground and most of all, it has a long cooldown which made me change my mind on maxing out this skill. Yes, it does have a significant increment in damage when leveled up but, the cooldown makes it look bad. I prefer using the SP to other skills which both has decent damage when leveled up and has low cooldowns.

Additional Details: In my experience using this skill, I have noticed that it has a superb super armor breaking capability. In addition to that, most of my enemies who tried to dodge their way out from this skill (as the missile hits the ground) ends up being caught after they have dodged it as the explosive effect tends to linger for awhile in the ground.

Rocket Jump- Put 1 skill point for mobility. It's a good skill for kitting to long distance and even chasing enemies. This skill is more like the Chain Tumble of Acrobat and actually does a decent damage to targets you have flinched with this skill.

How to use: To successfully hit a target with the skill's damage, you must make sure that you'll Rocket Jump to the enemy, flinching them and applying the damage.

Gravity Ball- Put 1 SP on this skill. One of the best "locking" and crowd-controlling skill of an Engineer. It's more like the Black Hole of Force User only smaller, which can actually suck opponents in a certain location and, it can dish out awesome damage as well. On top of that, it has a fast animation speed and fast cooldown which makes it highly spammable also.And lastly, did I mention that this skill has the ability to break super armor? Yes, it can break super armor but, it requires a few hits before it does so.

Alfredo Skills

Alfredo Stomp- You have two choices for this skill. One is that you don't get it if you have decided to not take Alfredo. The second choice is that, you level it to 1 for prerequisite so that you may able to take the next Alfredo skill. This skill has a very decent AOE damage, has a fast cooldown and has superarmor breaking capabilities too. But the most interesting part of this skill is, it can actually provoke enemies that has been hit for more than 10 seconds.

How to use: Personally, I love to autocast this skill in PVE. What I do is, after summoning Alfredo, I will activate this skill so that Alfredo can cast it anytime it's available. While in PVP, I use this in times where I'm extremely in danger of being combo-ed. What I do is, when an enemy is in close range and I feel like his just waiting for the right moment to initiate a chain combo, I then recall Alfredo in front of me and then cast Stomp so that the enemy will stagger and I get the chance to counterattack.

Alfredo Berserker- You can either don't get this skill (if you decided to not take Alfredo) or level it up to 1 to get Damage Transition. With this skill, Alfredo will be boosted with a speed buff (action speed and movement speed), additional damage and reduce damage. The speed buff and damage increase doesn't show any significant change in Alfredo's attack and movement as his dumber than ever. Sometimes, he will just go to places where you don't need him to or even pound opponents which you don't want him to and waste the 10 seconds buff for nothing. If only this buff can provide additional IQ for Alfredo, then I would have maxed this skill. :). The Damage reduction however plays a big role for your survivability as this buff reduces the damage taken by Alfredo making him absorb more damage taken by you and your party members. Poor Alfredo. Oh by the way, this skill is passive. Meaning, it's Alfredo's choice to either cast it or not.

Damage Transition- Don't put SP when you have decided not to take the Alfredo skill tree or level it up to 3 for a whooping 50% damage reduction for you and your party, for over 30 secs. This skill made Alfredo a bit useful but here's the catch:

- Most of the time, Alfredo will forget to cast it if his on the midst of casting something else, let's say, Alfredo's Hurricane.
- When you or your all is on the air due to being juggled or simply just jumping to avoid enemy attacks, you will not receive the damage reduction buff.

Alfredo Hurricane- DO NOT PUT ANY SP ON THIS (that's all capitalized by the way). At first, you can say that this is a bad-ass skill that you must have. I mean, who can resist seeing a big bad robot go pysho, and swinging both his arms rapidly in mach speed. But in reality, this skill is a total bummer. It may look fancy but the fact is:

- It's a passive skill which gives Alfredo the choice to cast it or not. Often times, there are contradiction between this skill and the Damage transition as Alfredo will tend to NOT cast the buff when he decided to cast this skill.
- Alfredo will often times cast it to a places where you don't want him to and worst is that, he will cast it to crowdless area.


Note: After the 450 Mark Update in SEA server, towers of Gearmasters were nerfed in PVP. From 60% HP, it is now 10% only.

Gatling Gun Tower- Level it to 11 or high. So far, this skill has the highest overall DPS in the game as the increment of damage per level is really that good. However, the range of this tower is short so I suggest that you deploy it closer to the enemy.

Cannon Tower- Put 1 point for prerequisite. This might not be a good tower to invest your skill points but, it can do decent damage and has super armor breaking capabilities. However, in the end, Gearmasters can only summon 3 towers at a time making the Ice tower, Gatling Tower and Chainsaw Tower the ideal towers to be summoned, and leaving Cannon Tower behind.

Ice Pump Tower- Max this skill. It can do insane damage at max level and can significantly slow enemies that where hit by those ice shards falling from the sky. However, it will miss if the enemy is in motion so I suggest that you make sure that the enemy is lock down by using your stun grenade, gravity grenade or bubble bubble.


Note: After the 450 patch update in DN SEA, the life of ducks now are only 5% of the max HP of the summoner in PVP.

Mecha Duck- Level it to 6 to get the Ex version of this skill.With this skill, you can summon those mischievous ducks of yours to do your bidding. Most people just use this skill for the sake of just summoning ducks which is really a wrong thing to do. This skill can deal a decent damage when the projectile (yellow ball which I call "duck egg") hits the enemy. In addition to that, if you aim for your target, there will be a high chance that you can make Mecha Shock and Siren hit the enemy.

How to use: The aiming on the shot itself is a bit weird. You need to aim a bit to the left of your target if you're shooting for a longer distance as the shot comes out a bit to the right of the crosshair. Also, if you want to shoot it to longer distances, I suggest that you aim high, and lob the shot.

Bonus Tip: Use Wax and make duck step on it. That's the trick in helping them move a bit fast. Can also be used for Alfredo.

Important Note: After the 450 Mark Update in Dragon Nest SEA, the iframe was removed.

Mecha Shock- Put level 1 for prerequisite. Mecha ducks are amazing because of this skill. It can electrocute enemies for over 3 seconds which actually paralyzed them, locking them down for the full duration (can also make their skill casting fail sometimes). It has a decent damage but I don't suggest leveling it up any further as the increment is not that significant.

Additional Details: However, if you want your duck to shock an opponent longer, then go with level 6.

Mecha Siren- Level it to 6 for the 2 buff removal or just 1 for prerequisite. Yet another good skill that your duck have. It can remove 2 buffs of your opponent and can silence them for 6 seconds at this level. However, I think that you only need the silence of this skill and not its buff removal and, it's best that you put the SP meant to level up this skill for those skills who can do damage.

Mecha Bomber- Put 1 SP for prerequisite. A very good skill in PVE but not that awesome in PVP. As we know it, the ducks are really slow and often times, they will have hard times in catching up with other players movement which makes it really difficult to hit a big amount of damage using this skill. In addition to that, after the skill revamped, the attack power reduced as well as the duration has been reduced significantly. So, it would definitely be better to just level it up to 1.

How to use: In PVP, I suggest that before casting this skill, make sure that your opponent is lock down or in the ground. In that way, the duck will have enough time to respond to the skill and as well as get close to the enemy. In my experience using the skill, I have notice that it will take 10 seconds for the duck to respond after you have casted this skill.

Addition Details on Mecha Ducks and Skills: In my experience using the ducks, I have notice that aside from Mecha Siren, Mecha Shock and Mecha Bomber, the ducks have melee attacks and range attacks. Melee attacks are those one where the ducks bite your enemy while the range attacks are those times when the duck spit fire on their mouth. So basically, there are four attacks that the ducks can do to the enemies.


As we all know, now, we have the option to get two ultimates or just one with the Level 50 cap released. However, when going Gearmaster, I suggest that you just get one ultimate, preferably Sky Line as it's more efficient to use than Demolition.

Sky Line- If you're going Gearmaster then you probably must have this skill. This skill does tremendous amount of damage to enemy when it hits. The only problem is, figuring a way to make it hit as it has slow casting speed and a short range.

How to use: Lock down your opponent first using Stun Grenade, Gravity Grenade or Bubble Bubble before casting this skill in PVP.

Demolition: A good skill in terms of PVE but a total bummer in PVP. The damage is good but the fact is, while you put holes on the body of the opponent in front of you, you'll be leaving your back and side open as you'll be stuck for about 7.5 seconds while using this skill to its full potential.

Gearmaster Skill Tree

Chainsaw Tower- Max this skill at level 2. This is one of the reason why I've decided to create and Engineer instead of an Alchemist. Aside from looking really bad ass, Chainsaw Tower has a very high burst damage and very short cooldown that you can actually put two at once. In addition to that, the saw(s) pierces bunched targets creating multiple hits.

How to use: The closer the enemy to the Chainsaw Tower, the more damage it will get. So, I suggest that you deploy it close to your enemy as much as possible.

Big Mecha Bomber- Just put level 1 for the moment. This is the other reason why I've decided to become a Gearmaster. I mean, who doesn't love pounding squishy players which HP is almost half with just one big BOOOM! A very good PVP and PVE skill as the damage is insanely great.

How to use: The only problem you'll encounter with this skill is getting it to hit on other players (PVP). I suggest that first, you use either Bubble Bubble or Stun Grenade and rush immediately to the enemy to charge up this skill close to them. To be more specific, you'll need to rush into the opponent and charge this big duck as soon as your done throwing your Stun Grenade or shooting your Bubble Bubble. Also, it works well if you have your towers or Alfredo locking down the enemy while you're charging this big peking duck of destruction.

Additional Details: You might wonder what are the three steps on the description of the skill That represents the additional damage the enemy will receive at a certain stage. To be more specific, it will add 80% damage if you have managed to charge a little duck, 100% additional damage if you have charged a medium-sized duck and, 150% damage if you have managed to charge it fully.

Mecha Duck Ex- This is what you get if you end up leveling your Mecha Duck to 11. The Ex version will give the ducks additional 50% damage, 15 seconds duration and 30% HP.But that's not really the good part of this skill. It is said that the skill has iframes (invicibility frames) wherein your character will not take damage for a short time period. If you have already notice, the tumble or dodge skill has iframes which makes you invulnerable for about a second or two. So, if you think that the additional duration, damage, HP and iframe is worth it, then go get this skill.

Before leaving  this page, go check out below the must have skill crest of a Gearmaster...

Heraldry Skill Plate Needed for Gearmaster:

Ice Pump Tower- 12% cooldown reduction
Gatling Gun Tower- 12% cooldown reduction
Ping Pong Bomb- Damage increase by 20%.
Wax- Decrease cooldown by 12%.

Mecha Duck- Cooldown reduced by 12%. I suggest that you get this plate when you have included the Ex version of Mecha Duck in your skill tree as you can often spam this skill and you have tons of chance using the iframe of this skill.
Big Mecha Bomber- Increase damage by 20%.
Damage Transition- Decrease cooldown by 12%. Only get this skill when you decided to level up the Damage Transition buff of Alfredo.

If your are looking for the level 70 skill build for gearmasters, then go check out the link below:

Level 70 Gearmaster Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

There you have it. Now you have the full knowledge on the skill build of a Gearmaster. So, get going and level your character fast and equip it with the right items to be the most powerful Gearmaster in the world of Lagendia.

Did you find my article "Best Gearmaster Skill Build in Dragon Nest SEA (Guide)" helpful? If you do, then write down some feedbacks on the comment box or share your thoughts about my article. Suggestions and recommendations are also accepted.