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Best Saint Skill Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T4]

For awhile now, I've been playing as a level 50 Saint in Dragon Nest SEA and based on my experience playing the class, I've managed to come up with a good skill build which definitely suits the style of a Saint. As what I've explained in one of my post, Saint are full-supportive class which is best described as the core of a party. Saint(s) boosts the offensive and defensive capabilities of other classes, heal all party members and also, he cn deal great damage to numerous enemies. With this characteristics, I can say that Saints are really fun and worth playing as your first character in Dragon Nest.

Enough with that. Let's go back to our main topic. So anyway, I think I have enough knowledge to share a great skill build for a Saint and I hope that you can learn from this guide. If you disagree with something on my post, you can freely write down your concern on the comment box below.Anyway, this is only a guide to help you decide what skills are useful and not for a Saint. So, let's cut down to the chase and check out my skill build for Saint.

Level 40 Skill Build for Saint in Dragon Nest:
Cleric Skill Tree
Priest Skill Tree
Level 50 Skill Build for Saint in Dragon Nest:
Cleric Skill Tree
Priest Skill Tree
Saint Skill Tree

Cleric Skills Tree:

Active Skills

Shield Blow- Just leave this skill to level 1. Not really useful when you're a Saint but can be dependable sometimes especially in PVP (when enemy is on close range, you can knock him back with this skill).

Block- I usually level this skill to 4 for the 5 blocks as I think that is enough for me. This skill is sometimes overrated as it can almost block every enemy attack at a 100% success rate. However, the biggest downside of this skill is when its on, there is a 100% chance also that the next skill you will cast will be cancelled also. In addition to that, this skill can be break by some characters such as Acrobats. For example, an Acro has 50% action speed plate for her Spiral Vortex skill, then this skill can be broken.

Charge Bolt- Put the remaining SP on this skill to suffice the 45 SP requirement. Other people spend their left skill points here which is really wrong. Yes, it can do a lot of damage to enemy but the fact is, if you can hit all four waves of lightning which will flow in an x-direction on the ground.

Heal- Maximized this skill no matter what happen. This is one of the needed skill by a party for maximum survivability. With the skill revamped, this skill has become very useful as the HP heal percentage has been increased.

Holy Bolt- If you think that the additional 1 second paralysis (aside from  your bind relic) is helpful for you and your party, then go get this skill. But if not, then I suggest to leave it as it is.

Passive Skills

Sliding Step- This skill must be maxed for evasion.

Aerial Evasion- Like Sliding step, this skill must be maxed to avoid being juggled in the air.

Counter Blow- This skill let's you get back to your feet when you have been knock down and deal damage at the same time. You can get this skill if you want some PVP action but for me, I prefer skipping this one as I'm more fun of rolling out of danger when I'm a Saint. Also, in my build, I've maxed the block skill which lets me stay on my feet for the whole duration of a PVP match.

Toughness- Cleric are known for their defence and without this skill, you can still be great in terms defensive class. However, if you think that the additional defense would be beneficial, then I suggest to max out this skill, especially when you are going pure support Saint.

Physical Mastery- Increase your HP. Max this skill if you have extra SP left.

Mental Mastery- Increase your MP pool. Max this skill if you have extra SP left.

Mind Conquerer- Increase your MP recovery. Max this skill if you have extra SP left.

Priest Skill Tree:

Active Skills

Lightning Bolt- Inquisitor or Saint, you need this skill as your number one attacking skill. Deals good damage but doesn't have any significant increase in damage if level is increase. The beauty of this skill however is that it has a chance to electrocute enemies and after that, cast Detonate and then boom! I usually level this skill to 11 as a Saint.

Mind Breaker- Level 1 for pre-requisite. Not really that awesome and the stun chance is little to none. It may be useful in PVP sometimes as it can cause "stagger" state to an enemy.

Chain Lightning- I suggest to level it to 1. This skill may be very useful for Inquisitor as they lightning can transfer and the chance of electrocution is very high but for Saint in the current level 50 cap, I suggest that you just leave it to 1 for prerequisite. If you do level this skill, you will sacrifice a lot of SP that will be intended for the most useful skills of a Saint. Besides, your Lightning Relic has a pretty decent chance to electrocute enemies when it hits. And lastly, leveling chain lightning is pretty pointless at the moment as it doesn't scale for PvP at all. And in PvE, hitting 1 extra mob wasting points to do so is a good loss in DPS iteself.

Detonate- To successfully make damage with this skill, you need to electrocute your enemy first by using chain lightning (100% success rate). If you're going Saint, probably you don't want to level this skill further. Level 1 is enough for the damage.

Suggestion from Commentor: One suggestion from a readers says that this skill should be level up high. and Chain Lightning Should be at level 4. If you do want the maximum damage output for this skill, then you may max it and leave Chain Lightning to 4. I did try it and I'm pretty impress with the result.

Grand Cross- Great in dealing damage to enemies and as well as knocking them back. The only downside of this skill is it has very slow casting time which will leave you vulnerable to enemy. Level this skill to level 1.

Holy Burst- One of the best skill in the Priest Skill Tree. It has a good damage to a wide AOE. You can max this skill if you want for maximum damage.

Wand Mastery- It may not be that very useful for Inquisitor as what I have said but for Saint, it is pretty useful, especially when you want to go full support Saint. The additional percentage of magical power will increase your heal percentage making it pretty IMBA. So, there is no other choice but to max this skill if you are going to become a Saint.

Update: In the most recent patch, I don't think if you have noticed but, when I have tried to upgrade this skill, I can see an increase in the magical attack of my Saint. Need further testing though.


Blessing of Light- One of the must have skills of a Saint. It'll boost your (and also your party) light defense and attack which is really needed in certain nest like the Apocalypse Nest. Maxed this skill. With the skill revamped, it's duration has been increase to 180% which is really significant

Protection Shell- Another skill that is needed when playing a Saint. Party members will rely on this for almost every time as it reduces both physical and magical attack of opponents. Max this skill too. With the skill revamped, it's duration has been increase to 180% which is really significant

Striking- Maxed this buff at any cost as it is also needed very badly by you and your party member. It will increase your attack and magic power for 180 secs and the cooldown is very short.


Lightning Relic- Level it to 6 to get it's EX version. One of the highly useful skill of a Saint. You can use this relic for both offense and defense. For example, it can aggro the lightning ogre at the Apocalypse Nest so that instead of him hugging you to death, he will hug the lightning relic if placed properly. Also, it can dish out good damage if your magic attack is high enough at it can be a setup skill for your Shock of Relic.

Healing Relic- This is why Saint are made. Maxed this skill at any cost. It will be needed in hard dungeons like the Sea Dragon Nest for maximum survivability of the party. With the skill revamped, the healing capability of this relic has been significantly increased.

Cure Relic- This is a nifty skill to have. It will remove almost all the debuff casted on you and your party member and most of all, it increases your light attack by 9% at level 1. You have the choice to just leave this skill at level 1 or max it for a more improve increase in light attack percentage.

For Pure Support: I suggest that you get the SP on Detonate and put it on this skill.

Bind Relic- One of the best crowd-controlling skill in the game. You have the choice to either get level 1 for prerequisite or max it for maximum support as the duration of the relic on the field will be increase and, its cooldown will be decrease.

Miracle Relic- The king of all relic. It will decrease 70% of all enemy attack (both physical and magical) for 10 seconds and it can dish also huge damage. When this relic is paired with the Protection Shell buff, you and your party will be almost invulnerable for 10 secs. (It may be smaller in PVP. Best check it out for yourself by using your mouse wheel to toggle between PVP and PVE skill stats)

Saint Skill Tree:

Holy Shield- This skill ascertain that Saint are really supportive classes. It will help the party recover their loss HP for a period of time. Specifically, it will help your HP recover by 40% of the magic strength of the enemy. Very useful against DPS skills like the Whirlwind of Mercenaries and Spiral Vortex of Acrobats. Just put 1 level on this skill as the HP recovery increment isn't that useful when increased. Max at level 1.

Shock of Relic- Remember when I've told you not to get Detonate as there will be a skill that will make it look bad? Well, this is the skill! You think Saint can't dish out a lot of damage? Well think again. This skill will make the Saint a nuker (a character that can wipe out enemies in an instance)! Think of this if you will have five relics on the field (any relics as long as it is a relic), then you'll cast this skill, imagine what will happen to all those enemies surrounding you. Another thing is, when you have a Force User and she casted her Beyond Time skill, imagine how many relic you can put and how huge the damage will be!

Lightning Relic Ex- This is the improve version of Lightning relic. Not only that the relic will look really cool in appearance, it will also have and addition 2m AOE bonus and a 25% additional damage to nearby enemies.

Why did I skip Avenging Wave and First Aid?

My first skill build for Saint has this two skills. However, based on my experienced using these skills, I prefer not having it. Avenging Wave is great on PVP as it will push the opponent back while dealing damage with the enemy. However, I find the cooldown high enough to be considered as not worthed. So, I decided to get Block instead of this skill. On the otherhand, First Aid will sound really useful to beginners as it will grant you a chance to attack with holy power and recover HP at the same time. But the reality is, this skill has a little to none chance of being casted and the 30 secs cooldown make it worst so I preferred not getting this skill.

What Skill Heraldry Enhancement to get for Saint?

The last thing you need to know is this what heraldry enhancement you need for your character. I suggest that you get this plate (heraldry) at any cost to become the ultimate Saint in the world of Lagendia:
Premium Heraldry Skills Lightning Relic (Epic)- 20% decreased cooldown.
Premium Heraldry Skills  Healing Relic (Epic)- 20% decreased cooldown.
Premium Heraldry Skills Miracle Relic (Epic)- 12% decreased coodown.
Premium Heraldry Skills Lightning Bolt (Epic)- 20% increased damage.
Premium Heraldry Skills Holy Burst (Epic)- 20% increased damage.
Premium Heraldry Skills Heal (Epic)- 20% decreased cooldown or 3% heal increment.

For the level 60 Skill Build for Saint, check the link provided below.

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There you have it. You now know what skills are valuable as a Saint and now, it's your turn to decide what skills you need to put SP on your skill tree. All you need to do now is level up fast and equip the right item for your Saint. Good Luck and Have Fun with your new Saint!

Did you find my article "Best Saint Skill Build Guide in Dragon Nest SEA" helpful? If you do, then write down some feedbacks on the comment box or share your thoughts about my article. Suggestions and recommendations are also accepted.