HeaLiumEx' Suffix III Guide in Dragon Nest

Hello guys! It has been a long while since I have made a Dragon Nest SEA guide. Fresh from the release of Suffix II, the developer of Dragon Nest has yet released another upgrade for the weapons and gears of the SEA version of the top MMO of today Dragon Nest.

From now on, SEA server will gain yet another upgrade on the suffix of their items. The name of the upgrade is called Suffix III. Basically, Suffix III don't have the same effect of Suffix II which increases both the base  stat (INT, AGI, Max HP, etc.) and also the equip ability of the item. What it gives you is only the increase on  the chance that the bonus effect of the equip will proc. So basically for example, if you have a secondary weapon Shield which has a Knight suffix II, which has 30% proc chance decreased the movement speed of an enemy by 30% for 10 seconds, in Suffix III, that chance will be made 39% (see image below).

Personally, I find this upgrade very effective in PvP. PvE-wise, we do need the base stat for the additional damage and survivability and, Suffix III only gives us equip ability enhancement, which isn't that very necessary in PvE. In terms of PvP however, the equip ability is quite useful especially those suffixes which can be made through ladder (Knight, Restraint, etc.). Do remember that chance to slow or immobilize an enemy can be your key to winning a battle.

So how do we get to upgrade our current Suffix II to Suffix III?
You can also upgrade to Suffix III through Dark Priestess Mocha. There, try to find your desired Suffix III by selecting your desired item and then scrolling at the very far side of the tab (usually, suffix III is at the very end of the tab). 

As you can notice, the upgrade needs the same level 50 crafting materials like worn gear, broken missile and etc. but, the only thing that has change now is, instead of Paculta's Essence II, you need Paculta's Essence III.

Where to find this Paculta's Essence III?
Basically, you can either farm for it or PvP for it. For normal suffix III, when you want to loot for Paculta's Essence III, you can either go to Queen's Garden or Valley of Blindness (both in Abyss mode by the way) located at Riverwort Ruins. Too busy to make a video guide so I have decided to use the video of Corvaxseek and rcranger9 to guide you in this two dungeons
Valley of Blindness (Abyss Mode)
Queen's Garden (Abyss Mode)

However, if you have ladder suffixes like Knight, go to the collesseum and find Ladder Supply Soldier Rafael. From him you will find your needed essence III (Beloom's Essence III).

After getting your desired essence III and crafting materials, the same process will be used in crafting the Suffix III: Go to Priestess Mocha and then click the "create" button.
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