Best Warrior Skill Build in Ragnarok 2 Online

If there's one word which best describe a Warrior in Ragnarok 2, it would be the word "Adept". You can build a warrior which is proficient in tanking or you can build an offensive warrior or, for those Jack of all Trades out there, they can build a hybrid warrior which can do both things at the same time.

Now, to help you determine the perfect skills for tanking and the best skills for offensive warrior, I have put up a page in this blog which will serve as your guide to all warrior skills in Ro2 and of course, like always, this guide will give you the idea on what skill would you want to pick for your playing style.

So, let's cut the long introduction and proceed to my Warrior skill build guide in Ragnarok 2 Online.

Swordsman Skill Tree

Head Crush- This skill don't usually do that much damage. Personally, I just use this skill for the bleed effect which gives additional damage to the enemy overtime, every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. Usually, this skill will be cast first so you can ensure that you will inflict constant damage to a target. The initial and bleed effect however, doesn't increment that high when leveled up so I suggest that you just leave it to 1.

Magnum Break- This skill will launch a shock wave which will hit up to 3 enemies. Usually, this skill is use for kiting and aggroing enemies. However, I don't include this skill on my builds. In terms of aggro, I got a better skill called Wide Provoke to do that and in terms of kiting, well, I think we don't usually kite that often especially in raids. That is the job of range classes.

Battle Manual- I don't know why this skill exist in the Swordsman skill. It gives a measly 0.4% ciritical hit chance to Swordy at max level. Well, it's self-explanatory why you should not get this skill no matter what.

Bash- This is the most commonly used skill as a Swordsman. And in fact, this is your main offensive skill as a Swordy. You need this skill at high level to kill the monsters fast and level up fast of course as a Swordsman. But don't worry getting this skill at high level as a Warrior also, as this will be one of your everyday skill as this class. The damage is pretty decent and remember that it's an instant cast and has no cooldown which can be spam everytime you want.

Battle Orders- A must max skill that is needed by parties, especially tank types. The basic rule for this skill is: the higher the strength, the higher bonus the bonus STR you get from this buff. Max this skill no matter what.

Aura StrikeProbably a significant skill for Swordsman. This skill has decent damage but the most significant part of this skill is the additional damage you will inflict to the enemy. Say for example, you have 3 Aura Charges and you max this skill. Take note that the skill does 7% extra damage for every Aura Charges you have. So, you will inflict 24% based damage (max) plus 21% extra damage from this skill. Don't forget that this skill has 0 cooldown. Just imagine the damage you can inflict to the enemy(s) when you have Aura Charges everytime!

Max Aura Blade or Aura Armor?
I have doubts on maxing this Aura Armor at first as the Aura Blade skill is more enticing for me for the extra damage. Remember that when you use Aura Armor, your Aura Blade will be gone and vice versa, and that is why it's very hard for you to decide which skill to max and to leave in prerequisite. However, I have decided at the end maxing out this skill and leaving Aura Blade to level 1. Why? It is because this skill is more useful in party plays than adding damage to your character. Take note that Aura Armor will decrease the damage you taken, will increase your HP, plus it will add a bonus threat level which means more luring capability. And besides, in terms of damage, I can increase it with gears and proper allocation of stat points. So that is why I have decided to max Aura Armor than the skill that can gran 10% bonus damage.

Side Note: For offensive types, you can go with Aura Blade to increase your physical damage.

Provoke- Just put 1 level on this skill. Why not max it for shorter cooldown? In reality, once you have lured one monster, it will only focus its attack on you and not on your party members. If by chance the monster has targeted one of your ally, then you can lure it again using this skill (or Wide Provoke) as the 20 seconds cooldown is enough based on experience.

Wide ProvokeJust put 1 level on this skill. This skill is for mass luring. Mostly, I cast this skill after the Shield Fortress or any defensive buff, and when there are lots of mobs surrounding the party. You lure the monster, then the rest of your party will kill them. Great for clearing mobs in short!

Warrior Skill Tree

Anger Control- This skill will allow you to gain Anger points instead of Aura. Take note that 10 Anger is equal to 1 Aura. For me, I can say that this skill is best to be at level 2. Well, the Anger gain increment doesn't change that much even if it's at level 2 but, what you want here is the 100 max Anger at level 2. 

Bowling Bash- A skill which hits the enemy multiple times and allows you to acquire 2 Aura in the process. In reality, the damage of this skill is good especially when you gear your Warrior right. The only thing that will really bother you as a first timer using the skill is its cooldown but, in the long run, you will not notice that at all. I recommend to level this skill high if you have spare points in the end.

Battle Leaf- For PvP specialist, they usually level this skill high. This skill let's you jump instantly in front of your enemy(s) and deal damage, and at the same time knock downs an enemy for a chance. I suggest that you max this skill if you are going to be a PvP player.

Brandish Storm- You offensive AOE skill which hits up to 10 enemies. The damage of this skill does decent damage to the enemy and it's an instant cast and highly spammable as it has no cooldown. Max this skill no matter what.

Berserk- This buff will increase your physical attack power for over 20% utmost, but decreases your evasion or your parry rate by 10%. For an offensive Warrior, this skill is really wicked! Remember that you'll have this buff for 30 seconds which increases your attack. If you are bothered by the decrease of parry, then you get atleast 3 points of Parrying to void the decrease in evasion or, don't bother increasing Parrying skill high, instead, go for Defender and level it high if you are going Hybrid Warrior. However, take note that Defender decreases your attack power so, if you don't want that and get the most of Berserk, then don't proceed on it anyway. Max this skill if you want to become an attacker warrior.

Pommel Attack- Yet another skill used very often in PvP. This skill has the same effect as Battle Leaf which can knock down an opponent over 3 seconds, which then gives you the time to put a lot of hurt to him. Max this if you are going to be an offensive PvP Warrior.

Rage Strike- A must max skill as an offensive warrior. The damage is pretty sick especially at high level. And, it is a mini-AOE skill which can hit up to 3 targets. Just be sure to take note of the requirements of the skill: it needs 50 Anger points to activate and can be reuse every 20 seconds.

Tension Relax- Basically a healing skill for Warrior. It recovers your 60% of your HP at max level over 20 seconds. The skill has this ability that says the amount of heal depends also on the amount of Anger points you have stacked. So basically, the more Anger points, the higher the amount of HP recovery. Personally, I don't level this skill high. For raids, I just let the healers support me in healing. And besides, I don't usually tank as I am not the main tanker of the team. I just tank if it is necessary to tank. All I do is be at the right or left side of the tank and doing damage and waiting for my time to shine (tank) :D.

Parrying- Level this skill up to 3 or you can max this as a tank. It gives you the ability to block attacks in a 40% rate at max level. It lasts for 10 seconds and it's reusable every 60 seconds which is quite long. Well, it's for you to decide but I would just like to remind you that don't prioritize first maxing this skill. Instead max it or level it high if you have spare points in the end.

Endure- Reduce damage taken for 10 seconds for up to 40%. Mainly, it's purpose is for tanking (DUHH), so it's best to max it if your going pure tank build. Just take note that it has a very long cooldown so use this skill in times which it is very necessary to use.

Defender- This skill is a tanks dream skill. It gives you the defense, evasion and block you need to tank efficiently. And take note that this skill can be reusable every 3 seconds. The only downside is, it decreases your attack power and it has a long casting time so I suggest that you should use it wisely.

Now, let's proceed to the different possible Warrior Skill Build in Ragnarok 2 Online...

Offensive Warrior Skill Build

Tank Warrior Skill Build
Hybrid Warrior Skill Build

You might also want to check the Recommended Stat Build for this class page.

For comments and suggestions regarding this skill build guide for Warrior in Ragnarok 2, feel free to share your thoughts on the comment box below.
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