Best Beastmaster Skill Build in Ragnarok 2 Online

Of all classes in Ragnarok 2, I find Beastmaster as the most interesting class. Why? It's because of the fact that they can change into different beasts, with different abilities. In cases that you want to be an attacker, then you can transform into a Bear or, if you want to be a tank then transform into a Grizzly or, if you are aiming for high mobility to travel long distances, then transform to a Tiger. I have a lot of fun playing with my Beastmaster and, I have decided to put up a guide which will help you build your very own BM in Ro2.

In this page, I will discuss my most recommended skill build for a Beastmaster. Also, I will tackle the stats that you need to increase for this build and of course, I will share to you a bonus tip regarding on what card to pick as a BM.

So, let's start discussing about Beastmaster in Ragnarok 2 Online.

First, we will tackle about the stats of this class.

For me, I go with 50 STR, 25 AGI and the rest to VIT. The reason why I decided to go with this stat build is because:

a. Strength- This is your primary stat as a Beastmaster. Remember that it adds 2 physical attack power and 2 parry for every STR. Well, it's a no-brainer that we must prioritize this stat first for the damage.

b. Agility- For extra damage and defense, I suggest that you decide to prioritize this stat secondly. Take note that this gives you critical by 5 and dodge by 2 in every points you invest in this stat.

c. Vitality- The third stat will be VIT. Well, for newbies who haven't got the money to buy gears which has VIT stat bonus, I stronly suggest that you invest your remaining stat point in this. Take note that raids do require a certain HP value to survive and people will be strictly following that. However, if you do have the money to buy gears and but cards which also has VIT value, then I suggest to just leave this stat and spend your points on the AGI stat. Do remember that VIT only gives you 5 HP per points you invest.

Now, let's proceed to determinin the best skill build for a Beastmaster in Ragnarok 2.

Before we proceed to the skill build guide, I would like to inform you that Beastmasters are like Monks. When you changed into this class, your skill point distribution will be reset. This only means that you can macc out all the skills in the Archer tree which can deal more damage, to kill enemies faster and level up in no time.

My suggestion is, you get all Arrow skill in the Archer tree and exclude the Traps. Why no traps? It's because it won't do you no good in leveling as it is only use for crowd control in PvE. Even if Claymore trap has damage and DoT, it isn't that significant to kill enemies in a sec so you are better off kiting monster and finishing them off with your arrow. Prioritize leveling the following skill:

a. Charged Shot
b. Charged Shot Mastery
c. Double Strafing
d. Owl's Impact
e. Impact Arrow
f. Multi Shot

Now, let us discuss the different skills of a Beastmaster in Ro2 and, determine what to get and what to neglect. 

Beastmaster Skill Tree

Rage Smash- Basically, this will be your main skill that you will always spam as a Beastmaster. Take note that this skill is an instant cast and has no cooldown. Personally, I prefer to level this skill high obviously for the extra percentage of damage it grants at high level. Not only that it inflicts damage, but it also has the ability to gain 8-12 Beast Points which is crucial to cast those powerful skills of ours.

Bear Form- Damage-wise, you must transform into a Bear to inflict more hurt to the enemy. During Bear Form, you will gain an extra 25% damage at max level. Personally, I max this skill because I want to build my Beastmaster as an Offensive Tank.

Tiger Form- This form will let you have high mobility. It does give a bonus of 50% movement speed to you once you have transformed into a Tiger. The trade off however is you can't cast any skill while in this form. In my case, I still max the skill as the mobility is really helpful in terms of traveling long distances.

Wild Crush- Hit a target with a furious blow which does physical damage and causes bleeding effect (or damage over time) to the enemy which activates every 2 seconds and lasts 20 seconds. Plus, this skill has the ability to gain Beast Points. Even with all this pros, I still just leave this skill to prerequisite. The damage and as well as the DoT climbs 1% per level which isn't that significant. The skill would be great for the Beast point acquisition but the fact is, it has 10 seconds reused time. Normally, I use this skill at the very start of my combo only.

Brutal Strike- Well, I think it's a no-brainer that we must max this skill for the highest damage that it will inflict to the enemy. This skill is considered to be the ultimate of Beastmaster and, we must max it for its damage no matter what.

Cruel Bite- This skill works like Wild Crush. It does physical damage, DoT and can acquire Beast Points.  And  like WC, the increment per level of the DoT and as well as the damage is only 1%. The only difference is, it has lower cooldown that the said skill (6 seconds). I suggest not to prioritize leveling this skill. Instead, invest points on this skill when you already go the most needed one and you have extra points.

Beast Roar/Lower- Basically, this is a provoke skill for Beastmaster. Once you cast this skill, it will encourage an enemy to attack you. Personally, I just leave this skill to 1 as you won't benefit that much in lowering its cooldown. Let the main tank do their work and, wait for your time to shine when they screw up :D.

Survival- For some BM, they would say that this skill is worthless because of the long reuse time and short duration. However, the ability to have additional HP and HP recovery in crucial times where and enemy is about to inflict or have inflict tremendous damage to you is very important. I often use this skill in extreme cases especially in Nest raids where the boss will throw a big AOE hit. I suggest to max this skill.

Feral Defense- If you want to survive heavy hitting skills, then max this skill as it will reduce the damage you take by half. However, be sure to use this skill wisely. Do remember that it takes 120 seconds before you can use this skill again.

Grizzly Form- When you want to Tank, then activate this skill to become a Grizzly which has 65% more max HP and 300% aggro. I suggest that you max this skill.

Fury Strike- This skill will be the best active skill of a Beastmaster if it weren't for the 50 Beast Points it consumes to do 0.7% additional damage to each BP you used up. The damage of this skill is good and, it can be consider as the highest DPS skill as a BM. But due to it has limitations, now it's just an average skill that you often use at the mid or end of your combo. Despite of that, I still suggest to max this skill.

Beast Tornado- Just leave this skill to prerequisite. Even though it can hit up to 3 enemies, the damage isn't that significant. That is why I suggest to leave it to prerequisite.

Frenzy- I don't know what's up with this skill. The developer should have atleast make this skill passive instead of making it reusable every 120 seconds which is pretty long. Beastmasters most powerful skills do consume BP a lot which is why we need this skill for faster regeneration of  Beast points. However, because of it being an active skill having long cooldown and short duration, I suggest to just leave it to 1 as you won't benefit that much from this skill often.

Beast Charge- A skill which you can use only when you are in Grizzly or Beast form. This skill will let you close the gap between you and your target as you will charge to him instantly. Plus, it does stun the enemy for 1 second. If you do level this skill high, you will reduce its cooldown but, spending your precious points on this skill isn't recommended. Instead of this, you should max the next skill as it gives out longer stun duration and it's an AOE.

Wild Impact- Sends a powerful shock wave which stuns up to 10 enemies for 3 seconds. A great crowd control skill and, it can be great also in PvP. What I do is, I first cast Beast Charge and then cast this skill. To use this skill as much as often, I suggest that you max it.

So basically, my skill build is an Offensive Tank. And if we sum it up together, we will get the skill build for Beastmaster in Ro2:

For Cards, I strongly suggest that you go for these:

a. Garbong Card- 9 STR, 9 AGI, 6 INT, 3 WISDOM, 9 VIT

or if you have the money, then try to have either cards;

b. Minotaurs Hong-I Card- 12 STR, 12 AGI, 3 WISDOM, 9 VIT
c. Wild Feral Barbaro Card- 17 STR, 17 AGI, 5 INT, 5 WISDOM, 17 VIT

You might also want to check the Recommended Stat Build for this class page.

There you have it. For comments and suggestions, feel free to share your thoughts on the comment box below.
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