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Engineer Vs. Alchemist: An In-Depth Analysis Between the Two Academic Job Advancement

Hi there! If you're confuse and looking for some advice on choosing between the two job advancement of Academic in Dragon Nest SEA: Engineer or Alchemist, then probably you've come to the right place. Before proceeding to read my advice for why to choose Academic to Engineer, take note that all information here are based on my thorough research about the class' second job advancements and also, based on my experience playing both academic advancements.

What is an Engineer?

First, I would like to describe what's an Academic turn into Engineer class. To make a really brief description of it, I can say that this class is a master strategist which relies on the players strategic abilities on the battlefield. Yup, it really needs a lot of brains using this character. If you're planning to roll out an Engineer someday, then you should probably look into answering these questions now: When and where to throw grenades? When and where to recall Alfredo? When and where to place towers? When and where to shoot ducks and more importantly, when and where will the enemy attack? You'll need to answer all these questions in order to maximize both offensive and defensive capabilities of an Engineer.

Why Choose Engineer Over Alchemist?

You'll probably argue with me for choosing Engineer over Alchemist as many says that Alche class are really great in terms of damage. But, there's a lot of things that you need to consider before choosing between the two class advancement of Academics. So, the first thing I've did to decide whether I will roll out an Engineer or Alchemist is list the pros and cons of the two job advancement. Here's what I've found out so far from the two advancement (If you think I've missed something, feel free to share it by writing on the comment box):


  • Has good defensive skill as you can turtle behind Alfredo and your towers. However, you'll need to perfectly place and time the tower so that it could act like a wall.
  • Has a variety of awesome killing tools which has great DPS like towers, ducks, grenades, missiles and Alfredo skills to maximize her offensive prowess
  • Has great skills which are considered very effective in PVE.
  • Has low cooldown skills for spammability.
  • Has skills that has debuffs like silence, paralyze and reduces critical resistance of an enemy by 50% and his elemental resist by %15 for 20 seconds.
  • Has many crowd controlling abilities like her stun grenade, gravity grenade, ice tower and ducks casting some awesome debuffs such as paralyze and silence.
  • Has a trusty robot named Alfredo that will really be useful in terms of dungeon crawling and also PVP as this big giant will cast some ferocious skills on the opponents while you throw yours too on the enemies.
  • Very easy to and fun to play.
  • Very very very squishy. Take note, I've repeated "very" three times which only means that if you're planning to create an Engineer, bear in mind that you must not get hit!
  • Alfredo isn't that useful at all times. I might have listed Alfredo on the pros but his also in the cons. As what I've observed, Alfredo may sometimes be the dumbest robot ever created as he might cast his skills in times you don't want him to and vice versa.
  • It may be easy to play but really hard to master. As I've mentioned before, this character is a master strategist but, it needs a player that has a whole lot of tricks stored in his bag to become a pro Engineer in Dragon Nest SEA.
  • Not that good at close range combat but you can fix this as the Engineer has many crowd controlling skills, Alfredo and towers to act as her wall. The problem is, can you perfectly time and place this towers and grenades?
  • The Engineer class in Dragon Nest SEA is very new as we know it. That's why, it's powerful items are rare making it really that expensive if bought.

  • Has good skills that are considered effective in PVE.
  • Has very high DPS skill which are more likely compared to Elemental Lords.
  • Has healing abilities for both allies and herself.
  • Has low cooldown skills too like Engi for spammability.
  • Has elemental attributes like freeze and poison on her skills to maximize her damage.
  • Has buffs that boost the stats of party members and self.
  • Also very very very squishy.
  • Needs to be in close combat to hit opponents with her deadly skills which leaves him vulnerable often times from counter-attacks or even ducks and towers of Engi, Relics of Priest, and even long range attacks of Archers.
  • The Alchemist class in Dragon Nest SEA is very new as we know it. That's why, it's powerful items are rare making it really that expensive if bought.
Based on the pros and cons of both Engineer and Alchemist, to tell you honestly, my first choice was Alchemist. I really love to throw big amount of damage to the enemies like what my Elemental Lord does but, I asked myself, do I really want to play with a character which has the same playstyle as my Elemental Lord? Well, the answer is certainly not.

There are three ultimate reason why I considered rolling Engineer over Alchemist. First, the playstyle of Engineer seems to be more fun than the Alchemist as it has a lot of tool set you can use in combat to kill your enemies. The thing is, Engineers are very effective and a fun class for both PVP and PVE as its playstyle focuses on a mix of managing summons (ducks, towers and Alfredo) along with first person shooter elements like aiming, shooting, dodging and lobbing grenades.

Secondly, I think of the future of Dragon Nest SEA. As we know it, the level cap of DN SEA is only 40 for now and lots of things are coming in the future like the level 50 cap obviously, tons of items, tons of costumes and most of all the third job advancement of the each class. If you're constantly searching for answers of what are the third job advancement of classes in Dragon Nest, then probably you know by now that if you have an Engineer, you can choose between Shooting Star or Gearmaster and, if you're rolling and Alchemist in the future, you can choose between Adept or Physician (I think). Through the four choices, I have decided to create an Engineer so that I could proceed to Gearmaster. You want to know why?, Here's why:

...Because of the Chainsaw Tower

This is the big daddy of all Engineer towers. It shoots chainsaw which pierces through target and can do maximum 5 hits if target is near to the tower. Extremely good against nest bosses. I've read a certain article which made me conclude that this is one of the skills in Dragon Nest SEA that has a very high DPS. According to what I've read, if you can possess a Patk equal to 5000 with 50% elemental attack, then you can probably dish out a total of 14,429 DMG/CD. And that's a lot of damage compared to other skills! Also, I've decided to become a Gearmaster someday in Dragon Nest SEA because I want to replace the Cannon tower with this Chainsaw tower. Well, Cannon tower is good but the fact is, if I am asked to choose between the two, I really want a tower that will both serve as a wall for me and dish out a lot of damage per second and that is, the Chainsaw Tower!

...Because of the Big Mecha Bomber

This skill made me awed for awhile. From what I've heard, this baby can dish out a lot of damage and can kill an elemental lord which health is at 50%. The hard part is proper set up. You'll need to disable your target using your bubble bubble skill and then get closer and charge the big duck until it pops and blow the enemy into oblivion.

...Because of the Mecha Duck Ex

50% extra damage, 30% extra HP, duck's duration increased by 15sec and the most amazing part is, your duck can do a range attack by spitting fire on the enemy! Cool!

The third reason why I choose Engineer over Alchemist is that, instead of becoming a supportive class, I want to be a team player in dungeon crawling (or even in PVP area) which can dish out a lot of damage to the enemy and use both crowd control skills and debuffs skills to help my team attack the enemy with ease. And mostly, I strongly believe that it's better to reduce the damage taken by players by Alfredo's damage transition or the all resistance and critical resistance of the biochemical missile, than to heal your teammate due to the fact that enemies (mobs and bosses) in this game deals a lot of damage (especially in abyss mode) to the players, making the amount healed by an Alchemist useless. By the way, if you want to check the best skill build for Gearmaster, then you can go to this link. Or, if you choose to be an Adept, go to this link.


Overall, I think Engineer is slightly better than Alchemist. There's the towers that possesses both offensive power and defensive capabilities, there's Alfredo to aid you in combat, there's the duck's that can paralyze and silence enemies and even dish out damage to them and more importantly, there's the playstyle wherein it's a mix of managing summons with first person shooter, which makes it really fun to play. If you want this kind of playstyle, then proceed being an Engineer but, if you admire the supportive capabilities combined with high DPS, then go proceed to being an Alchemist. Either way, these two class are really that promising and if use wisely, then you'll be a force to be reckon in the world of Lagendia.

Did you find my article "Engineer Vs. Alchemist: An In-Depth Analysis Between the Two Academic Job Advancement" helpful? If you do, then write down some feedbacks on the comment box or share your thoughts about my article. Suggestions and recommendations are also accepted.

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