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Black Dragon Nest Guide: Stage 4- How to defeat the Punisher (DN SEA)

Their are two phases in this stage.

In phase 1, you will enter an area wherein a cannon is located in the middle while the boss is invulnerable to any of your attacks. The only way to damage the boss in this stage is to use the cannon. Be sure to successfully hit the boss three times to proceed to phase 2 or else, the boss will explode and kill you.

How to successfully damage the Punisher with the cannon?
The members with the highest DPS should do the task of destroying the 4 energy orbs which will spawn right in the corners of the stage. Be sure to destroy the balls within 10 seconds or it will explode causing a no heal debuff to the party. The cannon will fire a laser beam in a frontal lane when you've successfully destroyed the energy orbs. The trick here to make the cannon hit the boss is to lure the Punisher right in front of the cannon. The members with high aggro rate will be the one responsible doing this task and, the party muat repeat this process three times to proceed to the next phase.

Basic Boss Skills
Here's the skills that the Punisher will use during Phase 1.

Frontal Swing- This skill does tremendous damage to you so stay away from it as much as possible. The Punisher will tilt back slightly then swing forwards with his axe twice. The frontal AoE does the most damage. See 2:10 in the video below for reference.

3x Stomp- The Punisher will jump through a "roll attack animation", randomly towards party member. Each jump cause devastating damage so its best to avoid it by using iframe skills, tumble or by staying underneath the boss. See 0:19 or 1:00 in the video for reference.

Stomp- Has the exact animation as the Punisher on the Archbishop Nest. And also, this can't be avoided with any dodge skills even if it has iframe. Best way is to time your jump to avoid it. Note: The boss will cast this after using the Black Tornado for the second time. See 1:20 for reference.

Black Tornado- Once you don't hit the Punisher with the cannon, it will then cast this devastating skill. It has a very wide AoE and got a very good suction and damage So it's best that you stay away from it by running far far away from the boss and keep running until the skill ends. See 0:34 for reference.

Drag and Whack- The Punisher will pull you towards him and once you got pulled, the boss will relentlessly pound you with his axe. The attack will remove all your buffs and once you received the full damage of the skill, that's your end. Best way to avoid it is to dodge by tumble skill. See 0:10 for reference.

Once you successfully hit the boss 3 times, proceed to the door to enter phase 2 of the stage (1:47).

Phase 2 of the Punisher Stage
In this phase, the Punisher will go all out and will be in head hunting mode. Also, there will be a new stage mechanic that you should be aware of. Here are the skills of the Punisher in phase 2.

Basic Boss Skills
Frontal Swing, Stomp and Drag and Whack are still being used by Punisher in this phase. However, there are new basic skills added on this phase.

Deadly Blow- This does tremendous damage to a target that even a player with over a million HP will die as soon as the skill hits you. In this skill, the boss will raise his axe and then slam it to the ground in front of him. Best to avoid this at all cost (see 2:10 in the video below for reference).

4x Stomp- The animation of this skill is just like the 3x Stomp at phase 1. The only difference is the boss does it 4 times now (see 2:53 for reference).

Purple Lines- The boss will disappear and reappear in the middle. 3 purple lines will extend out from the boss and players will be pushed away from the boss while trying to avoid the purple lines. The purple lines will be cast 3 times. (2:27 for reference).

Party Debuff- The boss will shake its head and there will be some sort of black aura around his mouth and he will knock all the party members to the ground. This skill will destroy all superarmour and cause a map wide party debuff. It does no damage and can’t be avoided.  It also kills all summons (2:16 for reference).

Stage Mechanic- At the end of each boss’s hp bar, he will bind all party members with a 9 second debuff which you must adad as fast as you can to get out. A portal will be opened in the middle of the map which allows party members to travel back to the phase 1 battlefield. The portal will disappear within 8 seconds after the boss binds everyone in the party.

Players must divide the dps evenly beforehand for this mechanic. Half of the dps will go through the portal to the phase 1 battlefield. These party members may stay anywhere at the end of the boss’s hp bar, as long as they make it through the portal. However, the party members that are not going through the portal must avoid being at the centre of the map at the end of the hp bar, or you will be automatically teleported to the phase 1 battlefield.

Once players have split up, 2 clones of the punisher boss will spawn. The clones have exactly the same basic attacks as the real boss and will usually stomp after spawning. Party members in the phase 1 and 2 area must then kill both punishers within 5 seconds of each other. However, you must not dps the boss too fast because once one punisher dies, the other will become significantly harder to kill. Failing to kill both punishers within 5 seconds or a certain period of time will cause a party wipe.

After the players in the phase 1 area have killed the punisher, make your way back to phase 2 by going through the portal. (3:20 for reference).

New skill at 2x hp

Black Tornado: The boss will raise his hands and you will see red and black aura around him. Run away asap as soon as you see this. The aoe of this skill is really deceiving and you will get caught if you are not far away. (4:20 for reference)

Power Up: The boss will drink a potion and go into berserk mode. His attacks will do significantly more damage now and the Deadly Blow attack will 1 hit even the most tankiest players without damage reduction buffs. Can be removed by enervating howl. (5:00 for reference)

New skill at 1x hp

Tracing Explosion: This skill is very similar and almost identical to the Party Debuff skill. The way you differentiate this skill from the Party Debuff is whether or not you took damage after being knocked down, or by looking at the boss. The boss will raise his weapon and slam the ground. If you do not jump you will receive damage and be knocked down. After being knocked down, the boss will summon black auras that follows party members. You can’t avoid the black aura and once you are hit with it, a purple circle will spawn below you causing high damage.

To avoid this skill, all the party members must gather right next to the boss after being knocked down. Then back off immediately after the black aura hits you and the purple circles spawn. Avoid dpsing the boss during this time until the purple circles are gone to be safe. (6:18 for reference)

You can iframe the knockback by dodging right as he stabs his sword into the ground ( exactly what i did with my LF in the video). Another approach is to have the team mates stand away and have someone who can summon something ( such as a mystic summoning her mirror, or a priest summoning his relic or a Gear master shooting her duck) and placing that summoned object directly infront of him ( like right on the same spot his sword was stabbed into). The tracing purple spots will get obstructed by that summon and be unable to reach the team mates.

Guide for Stage 5- How to defeat the Ice Golem will be up shortly.

#1 Tower Offense game Anomaly reverted to TD with Anomaly: Defenders

11-bit Studios has officially announced that possibly their last franchise on their famous Anomaly series will be in the form of a Tower Defense game named Anomaly: Defenders. 

"Anomaly Defenders is the latest installment in Anomaly series which introduced an idea of Tower Offense gameplay. However, this time the tables have turned. Humans have resisted the invasion and launched a counter attack. Now it's time for aliens to defend.

Anomaly Defenders puts you in charge of alien machines defending their homeplanet from ruthless human invaders. Build towers in strategically chosen designated spots. Develop and upgrade unique tech trees to increase towers' efficiency. Deploy your special functions for the multiplied impact. Protect your species or die. You'll play it on your PC, smartphone or tablet."

The game was long released on Steam for its PC version and earlier this week, the developer had finally announced that they'll be porting the game to both android and iOs next week. That's on September 23rd to be exact. However, we still don't know if the same elements of the game will be adapted to the mobile version but we hoping for a replica of its Pc version on android and iOs. Fingers crossed!

By the way, you can check out its official launch trailer for mobiles below.

Looking for a modern take of Clash of Clans? Look no more and download Star Wars: Commander

We have been looking for ages on playing a modern take of Clash of Clans in our android devices and we are really happy of the good news that Star Wars: Commander was finally released globally on google play.
We here at Web Junkies really love Clash of Clans and we are looking fo a modernized version of it. There are some moernized version of CoC like Boom Beach from SuperCell and the new Allies in War however, it doesn't have that spark we are looking from a strategy game. Boom Beach has good gameplay and visuals but, it's limited to Sea wars and, what we really don't like about the game is you can't actually make a surprise attack on the enemy as it's limited on one lane attacking option: You start at the shore and there's no way to attack on the side or back of the enemy base, or to where his/her defense are weak. Allies in War...hmmm. Well, obviously we don't like it because of its mediocre visuals.

Star Wars: Commander is the best modern take of CoC in our opinion. It's visually great and we dig the intergalactic gameplay it offers. Did we mention that we are a Star Wars fanatic here at Web Junkies? So yeah! Star Wars: Commander is an awesome treat for us!

Here are the features of Star Wars: Commander:

• Choose your side: Will you command AT-ATs and TIE Fighters as the Empire? Or call on iconic heroes like Han Solo and Princess Leia as the Rebellion?

• Build and defend your base: Train unique troops specific to each faction, and fortify your base with deflector shields, turrets, heavy artillery, and other defenses! 

• Lead epic battles: Strategically deploy powerful armies, units, and vehicles against enemies and players around the galaxy!

• Form the ultimate Squad: Build strong alliances with friends and other players!

• Travel to multiple planets and complete special missions: Play an all-new story as a valiant leader on the front lines of the Galactic Civil War.

• Upgrade your strike team and its defenses: Strengthen your forces with multiple levels of upgrades for each unit!

• Download now and play in your choice of English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish!

If you like to see the game in real-time action, you can check out the video done by TouchGamePlay below.

The only thing that we think Star Wars: Commander needs improvement is on its connectivity. At the moment, we are experiencing some lags and crashes on the game. Also, we see some unusual actions from the AI's like their facing north while their shots are going east. But we know that the developer can make some adjustment in due time. So, no need to panic.

What's the best Adsense alternative this 2014?

We know why you're here. Possibly because you got banned from Adsense or, your Adsense doesn't earn that much and you need other options to earn money online. Which is why you are looking for an Adsense alternative.

Good thing that you bumped into this page as you will learn the best Adsense alternative this 2014.

So what's the best adsense alternative?

The answer is Adversal. Adversal CPM adnetwork has been around since 2003 and is one of the best alternatives for adsense. 

About Adversal
Adversal is just like Adsense. It has a pay-per-click system which lets you earn money basically if someone clicked your Adversal ads on your web page. Adversal ad comes in sizes such as 300x600, 300x250, 250x250, 200x200, 180x150, 728x90, 468x60, 320x50, 300x50, 216x35, 160x600, 120x600.

Also, Adversal provides:

Ministitial: this is an ad showing on the center of your site, this is the highest rate they are giving wherein you can get up to 0.80$ cpm rate.

Pop-under: This ads space can get up to 0.80$ cpm rate.

Adversal promises a 100% fill rate on all type of banner ads they have, in one ad size they usually integrating all other smaller ads size on that banner ads.
  • The 300x600 ad unit supports scaling back to a 300x250, 250x250, 200x200, and a mobile 180x150. Whichever size yields the highest revenue for a given impression is the one that will display.
  • The 300x250 ad unit supports scaling back to a 250x250, 200x200, and a mobile 180x150. Whichever size yields the highest revenue for a given impression is the one that will display.
  • The 728x90 ad unit supports scaling back to a 468x60, as well as mobile sizes 320x50, 300x50, and 216x36. Whichever size yields the highest revenue for a given impression is the one that will display.
  • The 468x60 ad unit supports scaling back to mobile sizes 320x50, 300x50, and 216x36. Whichever size yields the highest revenue for a given impression is the one that will display.
  • The 160x600 ad unit supports scaling back to 120x600. Whichever size yields the highest revenue for a given impression is the one that will display.
  • The 320x50 mobile ad unit supports scaling to a 300x50, 216x36, or expanding vertically to a 180x150. Whichever size yields the highest revenue for a given impression is the one that will display.

It also got a referral program. They are offering this referral program wherein you can earn 10% of your referred publisher earnings.

Seems that you are now excited with Adversal. So what are the requirements?

Signing up as publisher on Adversal may take 3-5days, you blog should meet the following;
  • 50% traffic from US
  • 50,000 page views each month
  • Post must be written in English and not contain any questionable content
  • Blog age must be least one month old and with no broken links
  • Blog or site must have at least two pages and have decent original content

How do I get paid on Adversal?
You can get your earning from them via Paypal, Bank Wire and Check with minimum payment threshold of 20$ and the payment schedule is net35. 

Any proof on Adversal being a good option for earning money online?
Here's one proof that Adversal might be a good option to earn money with your blog (see image below).
Don't expect too much on Adversal if you're a long time Adsense Publisher.
One suggestion though: Don't expect too much on Adversal especially, when you have been an active Adsense Publisher for a very long time. Adsense is no doubt the best pay-per-click advertising network. Adversal is only an option if you want to have extra income with your blog or you got banned from Adsense.

Hope that this article has helped you on your online entrepreneur journey Web Junkies!
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