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How to own and fully access "Inbox by Gmail" without any invites

Last time we checked, it took us nearly two weeks to finally get an invite pass on "Inbox by Gmail". And for those of who are still waiting for an invite, wait no more as there is an easy way to get full access on the standalone email app of Google.

But before we proceed, let's enlighten first those who doesn't know about Inbox by Gmail. For starters, you can watch the video below to know more about "Inbox" before we tell you how to get full access on it.

Okay. We think you are now oriented enough about Inbox. Now, let's proceed on how to access Inbox even if you don't have any invite yets.

How to access Inbox by Gmail without any invites

Step 1: Download the iOs or Android app of Inbox.

Step 2: Next up, add your friend's Google account info to your device. On Android, this can be done by heading to Settings, then tapping Add Account and selecting Google from the list.

Step 3: From here, select Existing, then let your friend type in their username and password.

Step 4: At the end of the account setup process, you'll get a chance to configure syncing options. If you'd rather not have your friend's data synced to your device, make sure to deselect all sync options for this account.

Step 5: From Inbox's main screen, open the side navigation drawer and tap your account name. This will expand a list of all other Google accounts associated with your device, so tap your friend's account at this time.

Step 6: After a second or two, your friend will be logged in and they should be able to log into the Inbox app on their own device—no invite needed!

Step 7: Now that your friend has access Inbox, you no longer need their Google account attached to your device. Under the Accounts subsection of Settings, tap the Google entry, then select your friend's Gmail address.

Step 8: From here, tap the three-dot menu button at the top of the screen and select Remove Account. Confirm your selection, then your friend's account will be removed from your device.

Note that this trick will not work for any Inbox account activated using this method, so your friend will not be able to repeat this process for other people.

This guide is brought to you by WonderHowTo.com

The worst thing to do on a Rooted Android Phone!

Here's a fact: An android that is rooted can do more things than an ordinary android. 

You can't deny the fact that once you have rooted your android device, you now have the ability to take full control of it. In short, you can do almost everything you want from it- From simple easy managing of apps to extreme overclocking of CPU which can make the device perform much better than its current state.

With these kind of features, an android users will be totally tempted to root hus/her phone. However, did you know that there's danger in rooting your device?

Once you take control, you now have the capability to either make your device a SUPERPHONE or you can break it. If you don't have the right amount of knowledge on what you are installing, then possibly you can ruin your android phone within seconds.

So basically, one thing that you must avpid doing when you have root access to your phone is installing root apps which you don't know clearly. Some rooted apps may cause malware and malfunctions to your device that it may be brick and far more worst, it can wreck its software and you can kiss your phone goodbye!

One app that I highly recommend on avoiding when you are a root user, is the app called Chainfire 3D.

What is Chainfire 3D?

Chainfire3D is an intermediary OpenGL driver. What does that mean? It means that Chainfire3D sits between your apps and the graphics drivers, and can intercept and/or change commands between the two. It has some built-in functions, and can be further extended with plugins to provide extra functionality.

- CF3D OpenGL driver

- NightMode (inspired by Jeff Sharkey)
--- Handy shortcut to toggle on/off
--- Supports red, green, blue, amber, salmon and custom (pro only) modes

- Global OpenGL manipulation
--- Reduce texture size
--- Reduce texture quality
--- Unroll textures
--- BGRA emulation
--- Load plugins
--- Replace shaders
--- (Pro) Disable Chainfire3D detection
--- (Pro) Dump all shaders
--- (Pro) Force depth buffer size (EGL)
--- (Pro) Force MSAA (MultiSample Anti-Aliasing) (EGL)

- (Pro) OpenGL manipulation on a per-app bases
- (Pro) Fix market settings
- (Pro) Manage installed plugins and shaders
- (Pro) Backup and restore settings, plugins and shaders

You can check out more info on the app here later.

When I have tried to install this program in my Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505, it totally wreck the software of my device, causing it to go in endless boot loop that results to reprogramming of the while software.

My fault is that I haven't thoroughly research about the app and I admit my mistake. The app is only run-able on HTC HD2, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7", Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Epic 4G, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Droid 2, LG Optimus 2X, Google Nexus S and many more. The "many more" word had me hoping that my S4 can run the app but instead, my phone got bricked!

Also, another mistake is I did not enable USB debugging on my phone. Because of this, I can't fix my phone through ODIN or by using ADB, just to delete the malicious app.

Far more worst, I did not read the description which says it's for Android 2.1.��

So in the end, instead of having a really good app for my S4, I end up reprogramming my phone.

Tips for Android Root Users
If you're a root user, then I suggest these two simple but helpful tps for you:

In this way, you will have the option to connect your device to your PC and possibly come out with a solution to fix your phone before deciding to reprogram it.

This is very simple- research and find out whether the app is good or not, before installing it ti your device.

Hope that you have learned something from my experience Web Junkies.

If you want to collaborate or just simply share ideas with me, then head to our facebook community here and join thousands of techies all over the world now!

Dragon Nest Guide: How to clear Citadel of Erosion even with 1 Monster Card

For those players who are struggling on clearing Citadel of Erosion, then here's a guide which will help your cleae it with ease, even if you only have one monster card.

You might be wondering why we bothered to make a page on how to clear Citadel of Erosion? So what is the real reason of doing this? It's because we want you to know that Citadel of Erosion can give you tons of gold within a few weeks!

Every clear is 75-90g pre-Golden Goose, along with getting Erosion Stamps as well as the A-grade monster levelling mat. You can use the Erosion Stamps to trade for Source pouches, which are going for very high prices at the moment.

Before proceeding to the guide, here's some tips you should consider before entering the Citadel of Erosion.

1. One way of entering Berserk Mode as often as you can is by activating permanent summon as they can help you rack up points really fast. Important Note:  Every 3000 points will give us the Berserk mode (the red aura).

2. Attack Skill Jades can possibly one shot boss in the Citadel of Erosion. Bonus Tip: If you don't have quality Gears, get 2x Goddess Tear Weapons and buy 2 attack skill jades.

3. Use the gate o  the right once you arrived on the third stage.

You can check out a mini-walkthrough from a DN player below:

Here's the play-by-play write up on how to clear each stage in Citadel of Erosion.

Stage 1

There’s no need to wipe the mobs, not sure if the trigger is X number of mobs dead or just time ticking. At 00:40 in the video, when the yellow words show up, the gate itself can be broken through.

Stage 2

Will need to wipe all the mobs here. From here onwards, all blue mobs adds 10s to the timer, all buildings destroyed adds 5s.

Stage 3

Wipe everything. Better to go through the right gate. Not only is it shorter, the mobs on the way from the left gate do not need to be cleared at all. No need to waste time.

Stage 4

Also clear everything. There will be a second wave, this is where most people will get stuck with Level 1 Monster Cards if they don’t have skill jades. Those ogres are really fat.

Stage 5

Just go straight for the boss. There is no real need to dodge, but if you really have to, Spacebar (Jump) is our best mobility tool on this Monster at least. Look at how pathetic our DPS, then watch what happens at 05:57.

Lastly, you can check out a video by Revertible doing a Citadel of Erosion run below.

Dragon Nest Level 80 Update: What to expect

While DN KR and CN are enjoying the level 80 patch update, other servers like SEA and EU still are soaking in level 70 cap. 

So? What will be the things to expect when servers like Dragon Nest SEA and EU updates to level 80?

Possible new storylines and maps

The Level 80 cap CN would delete some areas and eliminate or shorten path lengths from village to several places as concise as possible, so some internal routes in village would be re-designed, such as locations among village entrance, key NPC, Store, Smithy and etc.

Moreover, a part of quests are removed and adjusted in new order so that some unnecessary paths are shortened and players can feel better while getting to next location. As the most special means of transportation on Altria, portals have always been a best choice for players. Good news is that the portals connecting with villages and other rest of the world in Level 80 cap CN will be marked in color, and it’s much easier for players to locate targets.

The New dungeon areas for lvl 70-80 may include:

Lava River: Monitor Tower, Wailing Wall, Eye of Goddess, Praying Heart

Mountain of Fire: Foggy Ruins, Shadow Tomb, Flame Canyon, Hell of Hot Wind

New Nest

Volcano Nest; Final Boss – Phoenix. 
By the way, you can check out the walkthrough guide for Volcano Nest here so you can prepare.

Release of level 80 cap, along with lvl 80 EX skills.
You can check out all the level 80 EX skills here.

Release of new class Lancer
You can check out the new class here.

Want to play "Harvest Moon" on the go? Then "Wild Season" is the game you're looking for

If you want a game which mixes farming simulation and RPG just like the famous title Harvest Moon, then this game is for you!

Developed by Soedesco, Wild Season features a down on their luck resident of the city who has come into possession of a run-down farm in a small village. Unfortunately this chance to change their luck isn't going to be as easy as your character thought it would be.

The people of this small town are not exactly friendly it seems and you will have to fight in order to keep your newly found farmland. Along the way though you will be able to befriend these villagers, possibly find true love, and eventually solve the secret of Bedford Valley. Players will need to build up their farms while trying to befriend the other townsfolk and, from the sounds of things, figuring out what is truly going on in your new hometown. You can check out the trailer of the game below.

Unfortunately, we don't have anything to report yet on its exact release date and pricing details. But we do know that the game will be available on PC via Steam and also, it will be ported on both iOs and Android. 

Stay tuned for more details!
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