How to Stream Dashboard-Style Web Pages on Your Chromecast

Google Chrome can send any web page to your Chromecast. If you want to close the tab on your computer, though, the content won't refresh. DashCast updates the page so you'll have the latest content.

After you plug in the link to DashCast, you can set how often you want the page to refresh. Then, just close Chrome. It's perfect for constantly changing content like news, weather, or sports, and it won't bog down your computer like casting a Chrome tab would.

How to use DashCast?

It's very simple and even a non-techie can do it.

First, you need to the DashCast web page. When you are at the DashCast web page, just simple type the link of the web page and then, set if you want to force the display of that web page or not and then, set the reload option to either "yes" or "no" and the time it will be reloaded. And lastly, hit the go button.
Simple as that....