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Dragon Nest KR Halloween update details (Oct. 22nd patch)

Here are the details on the update for Dragon Nest KR.

In general, the update includes skill changes for Ripper & Inquisitor, and Halloween related event/costume. The update note also mentioned that Barbarian will be boosted in the coming update in November.

Ripper Skill Boost

1. Cripple Punisher
(PVE)New effect – While casting Crippler Punisher, CD of Cripple Punisher is reduced each time fire-elemental physical skills land hits.

2. Werewolf Ability (level 65 passive)
Additional effect 1 (PVE):
When casting Cripple Punisher,  use Shift Blow, Izuna Drop & Artful Chaser and your clone will cast these skills on your behalf.

Additional effect 2 (PVE):
After casting Dedicate, reduce phy damage received and recover HP when being attacked.
* Note: The update note says “Dedicate”; so i am not sure if “Dedicate Crow” is affected. To be confirmed tomorrow.

3. Blade Runner
(PVE) New effect: reduce fire resist of the target.

4. Dedicate Shadow
(PVE) Faster casting animation; longer buff duration.

Inquisitor Skill Change

Consecration EX: (PVP) Additional damage is changed to 50% (from 100%)

Barbarian will be boosted in November.

Halloween Costume 2014

New details will be revealed soon. So stay tuned!

X-Fighting Guide: Where to find Orange Set/Suit Items

Do you want to own item(s) like this for your character in X-Fighting?
Orange items, especially when you have a set of them proves to be very powerful. Normal items has 4 attributes but, if you have collected a set items, you will gain extra attributes just like what you see from the image above.

The biggest challenge here is obtaining those set items. Luckily, we got a lot of X-Fighting players here in Web Junkies which wants to share to us the exact location on where to find certain Orange set items.

So, let's cut to the chase and find out, where do orange set items drops more often.

Ocassionally, orange set items drops more often in Instances. Below you will see the exact what set items will possibly drop in a certain instance.


[F-1] Team Instance
You can obtain Level 13 to 20 orange items in this instance. Here are the set items you can gain:

Oracle (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: DEF+26
4-piece Suit Attribute: CRT+26
7-piece Suit Attribute: DEX+43

Nirvana (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: SPD+2.3
4-piece Suit Attribute: HP+16
7-piece Suit Attribute: STA+43

Beast King (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: EVA+33
4-piece Suit Attribute: HIT+26
7-piece Suit Attribute: STR+43

From [F-2] Team Instance up to the last, suit items drops will be divided to 2- If you obtain Lv23 to Lv25 suit items on instance [F-2], then you will get the Lv27 to 30 parts in Instance [F-3]. The same rules a0plies to high level items also.

Check out the list below:

Team Instance Drops: [F-2], [F-4], [F-6], up to the last even numbered Instance.
Head: Lvl 23, Lvl 33, Lvl 43, and so on.
Necklace: Lvl 24, Lvl 34, Lvl 44, and so on.
Shoes: Lvl 25, Lvl 35, Lvl 45, and so on.

Team Instance Drops: [F-3], [F-5], [F-7], up to the last odd numbered instance.
Chest: Lvl 27, Lvl 37, Lvl 47, and so on.
Gloves: Lvl 28, Lvl 38, Lvl 48, and so on.
Pants: Lvl 29, Lvl 39, Lvl 49, and so on.
Ring: Lvl 30, Lvl 40, Lvl 50, and so on.

How About Weapons?
Weapons are not included as set items, but if you are looking for them, here's a guide on where to get them: Example: To get a Lvl 41 weapon, go and farm [F-7] Team Instance.

[F-1] = Lvl 11 and Lvl 16 Weapons
[F-2] = Lvl 21 Weapons
[F-3] = Lvl 26 Weapons
[F-4] = Lvl 31 Weapons
[F-5] = Lvl 36 Weapons
[F-6] = Lvl 41 Weapons
[F-7] = Lvl 46 Weapons
[F-8] = Lvl 51 Weapons
[F-9] = Lvl 56 Weapons
[F-10] = Lvl 61 Weapons
and so on...

[F-2] and [F-3] Team Instance: Lvl 21~30 Suit Drops:

Demonic (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: BRK+39
4-piece Suit Attribute: ATK+2%
7-piece Suit Attribute: EVA+54

Flowing (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: STA+38
4-piece Suit Attribute: HP+2%
7-piece Suit Attribute: HP+45

Nightmare (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: Max ATK+4
4-piece Suit Attribute: Min ATK+3
7-piece Suit Attribute: BRK+54

[F-4] and [F-5] Team Instance: Lvl 31~40 Suit Drops:

Lunar (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: SPD+2.8
4-piece Suit Attribute: HIT+34
7-piece Suit Attribute: DEX+61

Steel (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: DEF+39
4-piece Suit Attribute: CRT+34
7-piece Suit Attribute: STA+61

Violent (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: EVA+39
4-piece Suit Attribute: Min ATK+4
7-piece Suit Attribute: STR+61

[F-6] and [F-7] Team Instance: Lvl 41~50 Suit Drops:

Frost (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: DEF+46
4-piece Suit Attribute: HP+2.4%
7-piece Suit Attribute: HP+78

Impetuous (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: BRK +50
4-piece Suit Attribute: RES +40
7-piece Suit Attribute: EVA +63

Troll (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: Min ATK+7
4-piece Suit Attribute: Max ATK+5
7-piece Suit Attribute: ATK+4.3%

[F-8] and [F-9] Team Instance: Lvl 51~60 Suit Drops -

Charging (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: DEX+57
4-piece Suit Attribute: HIT+42
7-piece Suit Attribute: SPD+4.6

Holy (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: STA+57
4-piece Suit Attribute: HP+52
7-piece Suit Attribute: HP+4.6%

Radiant (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: STR+57
4-piece Suit Attribute: Min ATK+6
7-piece Suit Attribute: ATK+4.6%

[F-10] and [F-11] Team Instance: Lvl 61~70 Suit Drops:

Dragon Slayer (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: STA+64
4-piece Suit Attribute: HP+61
7-piece Suit Attribute: HP+5%

Heavenly (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: STR+64
4-piece Suit Attribute: Min ATK+7
7-piece Suit Attribute: ATK+5%

Moon God's (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: DEX+64
4-piece Suit Attribute: HIT+46
7-piece Suit Attribute: SPD+5

[F-12] and [F-13] Team Instance: Lvl 71~80 Suit Drops:

Phoenix (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: STA+70
4-piece Suit Attribute: HP+70
7-piece Suit Attribute: HP+5.4%

Thunder (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: DEX+70
4-piece Suit Attribute: EVA+50
7-piece Suit Attribute: SPD+5.4

Wondrous (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: STR+70
4-piece Suit Attribute: MAX ATK+8
7-piece Suit Attribute: ATK+5.4%

[F-14] and [F-15] Team Instance: Lvl 81~90 Suit Drops:

Note: At the moment, Team Instance [F-15] will drop Lvl 81~90 Suit Drops: Head, Necklace, and Shoes only.

Endless (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: DEX+77
4-piece Suit Attribute: EVA+55
7-piece Suit Attribute: SPD+5.7

Regretless  (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: STR+77
4-piece Suit Attribute: MAX ATK+9
7-piece Suit Attribute: ATK+5.7%

Traceless (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: STA+77
4-piece Suit Attribute: HP+79
7-piece Suit Attribute: HP%+5.7

[F-16] Team Instance: Lvl 81~90 Suit Drops:

Note: At the moment, Team Instance [F-16] will drop Lvl 81~90 Suit Drops: Chest, Gloves, Pants, and Ring.

Endless (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: DEX+77
4-piece Suit Attribute: EVA+55
7-piece Suit Attribute: SPD+5.7

Regretless  (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: STR+77
4-piece Suit Attribute: MAX ATK+9
7-piece Suit Attribute: ATK+5.7%

Traceless (Set Items)
2-piece Suit Attribute: STA+77
4-piece Suit Attribute: HP+79
7-piece Suit Attribute: HP%+5.7

Happy looting Web Junkies!

special thanks to: dang quy, steampunk, subzhero and ianzzz for contributing to this post.

Dragon Nest: Ripper Skill Boost Leaked

Dragon Nest KR will be updated tomorrow with new content. This update includes some improvement on character skills and one class which will be receiving this boost in skills is the Raven class.

Here are the major changes in skills of Raven when the update comes:

Cripple Punisher
New effect: While casting Crippler Punisher, CD of Cripple Punisher is reduced each time physical skills land hits.

Blade Runner
New effect: reduce fire resist of the target.

Ripper Level 65 passive: Arsonist
Additional effect 1:
When casting Cripple Punisher, add new buff effect
- When using Shift Blow, Izuna Drop and Artful Chaser, a clone will be generated to cast these skills.
Note: After using Cripple Punisher, these skills can be cast without delay. The clone last for 10sec.

Additional effect 2:
After casting Dedicate Shadow, reduce phy damage received and recover HP by x%.
Note: Basically, Dedicate Shadow for Ripper can reduce both Phy and Mag damage, with both active and passive HP recovery.

There should be more changes and the revamp typically includes another class (could be sniper or screamer)

Why we are sharing this? For your benefit of course. To those who are currently on SEA server, then you can plan advance on what to do with your Raven class before thus update comes. It may not come out very soon but, it's really an advantage for you to know what are the possible changes that might come soon to Dragon Nest don't you think?

Happy Gaming Web Junkies!

Care to ride on a REAL Hoverboard?!

Admit it, somewhere deep in your heart, you dreamt of being a cool dude riding on a hoverboard just like Ben in the image below.
That dream may come true in the near future. In fact, it may happen in a couple of months!

Presenting the Hendo Hoverboard!
Hendo is introducing the world's first REAL hoverboard and hover developer kit. We are putting hover technology in YOUR hands.

Hendo team has been amazing, rapidly iterating on design after design. In fact, this our 18th prototype, and we continue to make advances week after week.

The magic behind the hoverboard lies in its four disc-shaped hover engines. These create a special magnetic field which literally pushes against itself, generating the lift which levitates our board off the ground.

While our hoverboard is primarily intended to be self-propelled, the actions which stabilize it can also be used to drive it forward by altering the projected force on the surface below.

Currently, this surface needs to be a non-ferromagnetic conductor.  Right now we use commonly available metals in a simple sheets, but we are working on new compounds and new configurations to maximize our technology and minimize costs. 

The hoverboard is simultaneously fascinating and exhilarating. The enabling technologies existed, but no one had yet been able to align them to bring a hoverboard forth. Hendo has done so, and our hoverboards are working in almost every way we could have imagined. But perfecting it will take a little more time and resources.
For more information on the HENDO Hoverboard, you can check out their official Kickstarter page or, you can even fund the project to help them make their dream and your dream come true!

You can update your iPhone/iPad to iOs 8.1 now

iOS 8.1 is now available to the public. Along with bringing Apple Pay into the wild, this major update is packed with new features that bring harmony to your iPhone and Mac workflow. Instant Hotspot and SMS Relay connect your iPhone like never before, and there are a few other sweet new features you probably haven’t heard about yet.

Here are the biggest features in iOS 8.1 you need to know:

Apple Pay

The biggest addition in iOS 8.1 is Apple Pay and its promise to one day make your wallet obsolete. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners can now scan their credit and debit cards into Passbook and use their Touch ID at NFC registers to pay for goods from retail shops. You can also use Apple Pay in a number of apps to purchase real items.

SMS Relays to your Mac

iMessage is now the ultimate texting app for Mac and iOS with the addition of SMS Relays. Any Mac running Yosemite paired with iPhones and iPads on iOS 8.1 can now send and receive SMS messages, so you can stay in touch with your Android buddies on all devices.

To toggle Text Message Forwarding on/off, go to Settings >> Messages >> Text Message Forwarding and your compatible devices should be listed.

Instant Hotspot

OS X Yosemite can now automatically detect when an iOS 8.1 device is nearby and place it in the list of available wireless connections in your menu bar. Instant Hotspot shows your cellular signal strength and the battery life of your device in the drop-down menu. It requires iPhone 5 or greater and a Mac with Bluetooth 4.0.

iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library brings all your photos to all your devices. Photo: Apple
iOS 8.1 brings iCloud Photo Library Beta to the public to replace Photo Stream. The new iCloud Photo Library stores all your photos and video on iCloud.com so you can view them from other devices. To turn it on, go to Settings >> iCloud >> Photos >> iCloud Photo Library.

Return of Camera Roll

With the release of iOS 8.0, Apple killed the Camera Roll — to the horror of many iPhotogs. But iOS 8.1 allows users to resurrect the classic Camera Roll album after it was replaced by the Recently Added photo.  To turn it back on: Go to Settings >> Photo & Camera >> iCloud Photo Library, switch to off.

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