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Class Guide: How to build your Elemental Shaman right in World of Warcraft

This specialization is the ranged caster damage specialization for Shaman. It has a number of damage & utility spells in the form of totems, the signature ability for Shaman and it is the most armoured of caster specs thanks to mail & shields. They rely on Flame, Shocks and Lava Burst, mixing in lightning bolt whenever your short of skill to cast.


Core Abilities
These are DPS skills you will often use in battles.

Chain Lightning- This skill cost mana a lot but very effective when cast to more than 3 targets especially when it has Glyph of Chain Lightning. It is recommended to cast on more than three targets to get more chance of Rolling Thunder to proc and replenish some of your mana.

Earth Shock- Instantly shock a target when your Lightning Shield exceeds from your Fulmination skill.

Earth Quake- Great skill to use on more than 5 targets.

Flame Shock- A very effective skill for a shaman. It is a DoT skill which gives extra 50% damage to your Lava Burst and a chance to proc Lava Surge.

Lava Burst- Be sure that a target has Flame Shock on it before casting this skill to deal extra 50% damage. This skill automatically crits by the way.

Lightning Bolt- A skill that can be used while moving and serves as a filler skill whenever your main skills are on cooldown.

Magma Totem- An AoE skill which is best use on more than 8 targets alive for more than 30 seconds.

Searing Totem- Serves as extra attacking option. This totem will attack your current target.

To both dish out damage and survive, check out the skills below that you should consider as important.

Ascendance- Prioritize this as this is your primary DPS cooldown. Be sure to cast it on single targets or more than five targets for continuous AoE.

Bloodlust/Heroism- More attack speed means more DPS.

Fire Elemental Totem- A pet with short duration but good DPS.

Spiritwalker's Grace- Shaman's instant skill prevents you from moving. And this is your key to remove that hindrance. It allows you to move while casting skills. This skill is better paired with Ascendance.

Shamanistic Rage- The 30% damage reduction is quite useful but the most awesome paet of this skill is that for 15 seconds, all skills you cast has no mana cost.

Stormlash Totem- Buff your allies with nature's power. Quite impressive result is achieve when paired with Bloodlust/Heroism.

Unleash Elements- Buff the next fire skill you cast by 40% with Flametongue Weapon. Note: Only take this skill if you are taking the Level 90 Talent Unleashed Fury to your arsenal.

Wind Shear- This is your 25 yard spell interruption skill.

Passive Bonuses & Buffs

Burning Wrath: Affects you but does not show as a buff.

Elemental Focus: Reduces the mana cost & output of the next two spells after a critical strike. Don’t try to optimise the use of this, as you’ll have a proc rate higher than 50%

Elemental Fury: Increases critical strike bonus for spells by 50%. Multiplies with other critical strike bonuses.

Elemental Oath: Affects you but does not show as a buff.

Elemental Precision: Grants hit rating equal to spirit gained from items/effects
 Elemental Reach: Increases range of spells to 40 yards

Flametongue Weapon: Imbues weapon with 7% increased magic damage

Grace of Air: Affects you but does not show as a buff.

Lava Surge:  Flame Shock ticks have a chance to reset the  Lava Burst and make the next cast instant.

Lightning Shield: Can gain additional charges and restore 2% mana via  Rolling Thunder

Mastery: Elemental Overload

Reincarnation: Use when there’s no damage going out, as you can res & die if you’re not careful


Spiritual Insight: Increases mana pool by 400% and reduces  Earth Shock/ Flame Shock cooldowns by 1 second

Healing Spells

Chain Heal: Don’t use this as it’s high cost and not much return

Healing Rain: Can be used when your raid stacks, not usually necessary

Healing Stream Totem: Adds a bit of smart healing, can be handy to help out healers

Healing Surge: Quick healing spell. Your first choice for self healing

Healing Tide Totem: Strong AoE heal. Raid cooldown, so save for high damage phases


Ancestral Spirit

Astral Recall: Essentially a second Hearthstone on a 15 minute cooldown

Bind Elemental: Crowd Control for Elemental type targets. Breaks on damage.

Capacitor Totem: Handy to stun groups to reduce

Cleanse Spirit: Removes curses

Earth Elemental Totem: short duration pet tank. Useful for soloing Elites or in emergencies

Earthbind Totem

Frost Shock: Not that useful for Elemental as it conflicts with Earth & Flame Shocks

Ghost Wolf: Handy to cover distances quickly mid fight

Grounding Totem:

Hex: Crowd Control for Beast & Humanoid type targets.

Purge: removes 1 beneficial magic effect from the target enemy

Totemic Recall: Removes all active totems, which helps prevent accidental mob pulls.

Tremor Totem: Removes Charm, Fear & Sleep effects from party.

Thunderstorm: Handy for knocking enemies away, towards tanks or off cliffs.

Water Walking: Allows the target to walk on water


Single Target

1.Keep Flame Shock up

2. Unleash Elements if you have Unleashed Fury talented

3. Lava Burst when it is off cooldown

4. Elemental Blast when it is off cooldown if you have  Elemental Blast talented

5. Earth Shock when at 7  Lightning Shield charges. Do not use if  Flame Shock needs to be refreshed in the next 5 seconds.

6. Keep Searing Totem out

7. Lightning Bolt

Cleave Rotation

Where you attack a single target but also damage 2-4 additional targets--use the single target rotation but replace Lightning Bolt with Chain Lighting.

AoE Rotation

<6 Targets: Chain Lightning

6+ Targets: Earthquake +  Chain Lightning. Can also drop  Magma Totem in the target area if you have  Totemic Projection


Level 15:
  • Astral Shift,  Nature's Guardian,  Stone 
  • Bulwark Totem
  • Users choice.  Nature's Guardian is a passive effect, while  Astral Shift is good for short, high damage bursts and  Stone Bulwark is handy for reducing constant damage.

Level 30:
  • Earthgrab Totem,  Frozen Power, Windwalk Totem
  • Stick with  Earthgrab or occasionally Windwalk if it is needed.  Frozen Power should be avoided as it conflicts with other shock uses.

Level 45:
  • Call of the Elements,  Totemic Persistence, Totemic Projection
  • Totemic Projection is needed to make effective use of Capacitor, Earthbind and Magma totems from range. Neither Call of the Elements or Totemic Persistence is very useful, as they require either needing to use the same totem cooldown twice in a short time frame, or having a second Air/Earth/Water totem out.

Level 60:
  • Ancestral Swiftness,  Echo of the Elements, Elemental Mastery
  • Echo of the Elements is the best choice here, as it's a higher bonus than Ancestral Swiftness (5% haste is effectively 5% more spells, vs Echo's 6% chance to duplicate).  Elemental Mastery can be handy, but only for specific burst damage and should be macro'd in with other cooldowns like  Ascendance.

Level 75:
  • Ancestral Guidance,  Conductivity, Rushing Streams 
  • Ancestral Guidance turns your DPS into healing, handy when stacking with Ascendance or other buffs.  Conductivity &  Rushing Streams require that you actively off-heal, which isn't required in most situations.

Level 90:
  • Elemental Blast,  Primal Elementalist, Unleashed Fury
  • When starting out, take  Primal Elementalist. Once you're used to how the Elemental rotation works (mostly shock uses &  Lava Burst casts) you can swap it for  Elemental Blast. When you get to ~530 ilevel you have the option of using Unleashed Fury instead.


Glyph of Capacitor Totem: Optional for PvP

Glyph of Chain Lightning: Improves AoE/Cleave damage when facing 4+ targets. Recommended for PvE, and can probably leave in by default.

Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem: Halves duration/cooldown, useful for shorter but more frequent burst phases. Optional for PvE

Glyph of Flame Shock: A bit of extra self healing is never a bad thing. Optional for PvE/PvP

Glyph of Frost Shock: As the use of  Frost Shock isn’t recommended due to the shock conflicts, this glyph is also not recommended for PvE/PvP

Glyph of Ghost Wolf: Useful for running away from enemies when they’ve used slows on you. Optional for PvP.

Glyph of Grounding Totem: Optional for PvP

Glyph of Hex: Only useful if you need to re-cast  Hex early, which should only happen when crowd control is broken early. Optional for PvE/PvP

Glyph of Lightning Shield: Handy if Lightning Shield procs frequently, useless if it does not. Optional for PvE/PvP

Glyph of Shamanistic Rage: Useful for fights where you receive magic debuffs and need to remove them. This is usually only on Heroic Raid bosses. Optional for PvP/PvE

Glyph of Spiritwalker's Grace: Not worth taking as a 15 second  Spiritwalker's Grace matches up to the 15 second duration of  Ascendance

Glyph of Telluric Currents: You’ll never have mana issues as Elemental unless you’re using Chain Lightning on too few targets or healing too much, neither of which you should be doing. Not recommended.

Glyph of Thunder: Only useful if you need to knockback or restore mana more frequently. Not recommended.

Glyph of Unstable Earth: The slow effect is lower than  Earthbind Totem, so should never be required. Not recommended.

Glyph of Wind Shear: Changes  Wind Shear to match interrupts from other classes. Only useful if you need to increase the lock out period.


Stat Priority
  • Prior to getting T16 gear or the  Sinister Primal Diamond: Hit to cap > Intellect > Haste > Mastery > Crit
  • After getting T16 gear (500 ilvl +) or the Sinister Primal Diamond: Hit to cap > Intellect > Mastery >= Haste > Crit.
  • Note that at this point 2x Mastery is better than 1x Intellect, so your gem priorities will change.
  • Spell Hit: 15% (5100 rating) or 14% (4780) for Draenei

  • Reforge excess Hit/Spirit to Haste/Mastery (depending on priorities listed above)
  • Reforge Crit to Haste/Mastery (depending on priorities listed above)
  • Reforge Haste to Mastery or vice versa depending on your current stat priorities.
Proving Grounds
  • Proving Grounds gear should be prioritized towards items with the most gem sockets, and these should be filled with pure Int gems after making sure you’re at the hit cap.
  • This includes getting weapons from Throne of Thunder for the legendary quest chain weapon socket, and trinkets like  Relic of Yu'lon which is over budget for a trinket of this level

Siege of Orgrimmar Loot
  • Follow the stat priorities listed above. Try to avoid getting too many Spirit items, as you will quickly get over your hit cap.
  • Purified Bindings of Immerseus and  Kardris' Toxic Totem are the trinkets to aim for. Note that Purified Bindings LFR is still better than all but Kadris Toxic Totem, and even then that has to be Heroic Warforged. The 6% bonus to critical strike damage, as well as haste & mastery, is that good.



Shoulder:  Greater Crane Wing Inscription or  Crane Wing Inscription
Chest:  Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats

Legs:  Greater Cerulean Spellthread or Greater Pearlescent Spellthread

Hands:  Enchant Gloves - Greater Haste or Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery

Feet:  Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step
Wrist:  Enchant Bracer - Super Intellect

Back:  Enchant Cloak - Superior Intellect

Main Hand:  Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit > Enchant Weapon - Windsong > Enchant Weapon - Elemental Force
Off Hand:  Enchant Off-Hand - Major Intellect


Meta:  Burning Primal Diamond /Sinister Primal Diamond

Blue:  Purified Imperial Amethyst /Veiled Imperial Amethyst /  Energized Wild Jade /  Lightning Wild Jade

Red:  Brilliant Primordial Ruby /Reckless Vermilion Onyx

Yellow:  Reckless Vermilion Onyx / Artful Vermilion Onyx /  Quick Sun's Radiance

Engineering & Blacksmithing are the “best” due to Synapse Springs and being able to get two additional gem sockets for haste/mastery gems. The 320 Int granted from Enchanting, Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking are a close second, while Tailoring comes in a close third with  Lightweave Embroidery.

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World of Warcraft: Shaman Class Guide

Here is a guide for beginners who wants to be a Shaman in World of Warcraft.

What is a Shaman?

Shamans in World of Warcraft are really versatile and could fill-in different role in the game. They are really fun to play and really dynamic in battle. They can be a range caster, a healer or even a melee DPS, depending on what type of specialization you will pursue with your shaman.

However, not all things are smooth when becoming a Shaman. You will reach in a certain point in your journey where you think you lack enough damage such as Rogue and Mages have and, you need to be very effecient in using your Shaman and know your character very well as you need to be ready on how to handle the non-static damage rotation of a Shaman once you reached higher level.

Shamans and their different role
It's your decision what specialization you want to pursue. To help you pick, let us describe each specialization and you decide what to pursue.

Shaman Specialization

The Enhancement Shaman
They are like Troll Warlord who focus mainly on weaponry. Ordinary shaman can wield one of the following weapon- daggers, fist weapons, one-handed axes and maces, two-handed axes and maces, staves, shields, etc. But once you specialize becoming an enhance Shaman, you can dual wield weapon. They also have enhanced weapons (currently Windfury) which allows your main weapon to attack three times each strike while your off-hand can deal exta fire damage. Overall, Enhancement Shaman relies on gaining multiple actual weapon damage hits while casting instant cast spells at their enemy as different abilities procs.

The Elemental Shaman
This specialization is the ranged caster damage specialization for Shaman. It has a number of damage & utility spells in the form of totems, the signature ability for Shaman and it is the most armoured of caster specs thanks to mail & shields. They rely on Flame, Shocks and Lava Burst, mixing in lightning bolt whenever your short of skill to cast.

The Restoration Shaman

This specialization is a healing class that has considerable utility and summons powerful totems. They uses chain heal and healing wave to ease the wounds of their allies and to keep raids/parties alive.

How will you pick your specialization?
To be straight forward, choosing your specialization means you need to decide what you want your Shaman to be. It purely depends on your playing style. If you want dungeon raids and supporting your parties, then go with a Restoration Shaman. If you like long range burst damage then go with Elemental Shaman but if you're a guy who prefer lots of DPS, then go with Enhancement Shaman.

Shaman Core Skills
Shamans have specific skills, depending on their specialization. So basically, each specialization has different primary ability once you specialized. Such specific skills are water walking, various totems, ascendance (massive buff), bloodlust/heroism, minor healing, damage spells, etc. However, do take note that despite of the fact that each specialization has different playing style, core skills from each tree are available. So basically, all Shamans can heal themselves and defend themselves.

All about Totems
Totems are unique abilities that only Shaman can have. Shamans can summon 4 different totems in the field but make sure that each totem has different element amongst other. 

They must be summoned individually and they provide passive buffs or offensive debuffs/attacks. It can be summon with your Recall Totem and once you cast it, you gain back 25% of your mana. But do remember that Totems has durations wherein they have certain time limit they can be summoned in the field, so you must use it in the right time and situation. 

Totems has lower global cooldown and you can summon them even if your silence and lastly, totems provides utility buff and not permanent passive buffs like what we have before the Warlord of Draenor expansion.

We hope that this write up has helped you in some way. Don't forget to check back as we will be doing guides on Elemental Shaman, Enhancement Shaman and Restoration Shaman.

Happy gaming Web Junkies!

Best build for Luffy in X-Fighting

One of the most favorite avatar in X-fighting is Luffy. Well, no one could question this as he is an iconic character.

Many have asked what's the best build for Luffy so we've decided to make a guide and share to you our preferred build for Luffy in X-fighting.

First thing you need to do is take a look at the STAT and mastery of Luffy.
As you can see, Luffy is more on speed and survivability. He excels on DEX and STA. So basically, you should focus more on increasing those stat. In terms of Mastery, Luffy is a master of Earth and it's a must that you must take Earth skill in priority.

Now let's start creating a build for Luffy.
You can see above the skills that steampunk uses on his Luffy. As you can see, he takes advantage of Luffy's survivability by taking Energy Shield and Shield Wall. 

So why not Golden Shield
It's because it can't withstand attacks like Poison Fog and Arrival of the Thunder God like Energy Shield. And, Energy Shield is really good for Luffy as he can stack a lot of HP makinh g your Energy Shield more efficient for you.

How about Shield Wall?
Steampunk has been playing Luffy for a very long time now and he had found out that Shield Wall is really efficient with Luffy as it activates more often. We think that it's because of the speed of Luffy and steampunk also mentioned that he considered having his skills in master level so we think it's one reason why the skill activates more often.

Assassinate is also for survibability and as well as offensive purposes. Do remember that you'll steal one's HP depending on your pecentage of attack.

Lastly, Gallop and Thorn Shield is to take advantage of the Speed of Luffy. Take note that Thorn Shield can lessen enemy speed while Gallop will increase your speed.

In terms of STAT, you should prioritize HP and DEX first. The secondary STATs are CRIT, SPD and DEF. 

Why not take SPD first and not DEX?
DEX provides you with more SPD while also providing EVA stat.

Damage-wise, you can increase that through upgrading your weapon and through Soul Nexus (increase your attack power).

How about Pets?
We recommend Toad King. Why? For his weaken skill. When you weakening an enemy, you lessen its attacking power and you increase the duration of your Energy Shield. In short it gives you more survivability. 

Priority skills for Pet
The skills you should have in your Pet are:
  • Weakening
  • Defense
  • Attack

That's all about it guys. Hope you'learn something from this guide.

Happy Gaming Web Junkies!

Swing Copters Tips and Tricks

Dong Nguyen has done it again but now, even more impossible! He had released yet another tough arcade game on mobiles that is annoyingly addictive.

Swing Copters is really hard for starters. It's not like Flappy Birds that you only need tap so that your build won't crash land om the ground. In Swing Copters, the tapping mechanic is kind of weird in a way and the direction of motion is horizontal.

So we've decided to write a guide which help you start right in playing Swing Copters. We will share to you some tips on how to have a high score in Swing Copters.

Here are some tips on playing Swing Copters.

#1 Knowing the tapping mechanics
Look at the image below first.
From the image above, you'll see that we've divided the screen to two: left side and right side. For beginners, we recommend using two fingers. DO NOT TAP RAPIDLY AT THE VERY START. THIS IS FLAPPY BIRD! That's why we put a skull on the center. Don't start rapidly there. You need to tap on the paws. The mechanic is: Tap right and then your copter will go left and when you tap left, your copter go right.

#2 Don't expect much on your first try
Swing Copter is way harder than Flappy Bird. Don't expect that you will have a score higher than 2 in your first try unless your very gifted or you've seen this guide before playing the game.

#3 Find your rhythm
This might be hard and patience is a virtue. You need to try and try again until you find your timing. It's hard but doable of course.

#4 Don't treat those big hammers as big danger
You'll definitely think at first that the biggest obstacles in the game are those big hammers but the truth is, they are just distractions. It is there to ruin your timing but once you've found your rhythm, we're 100% sure that you'll find those hammers not a problem at all. Our advice is to go with the flow. Time that you go where the hammer goes and don't go against it. We know it's hard but we also know that you can do it after a couple of hours practice.

#5 Always be at the center
Always make sure that your copter will be at the center to pass those hammers. Don't be overconfident after passing one obstacle as the path changes from time to time

We hope that this write up has help you in a way. You can check out the video below to see how it's done properly. 

Note: We don't own the video and we give credit to its owner sharing it via youtube.
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