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Kritika Chaos: Unleashed Class Skills and Master Skills Guide on iOs and Android

Skills and Master Skills


Passive Skills:

You should max out all of these, always.

Basic Training (level 21 max)
Emergency Escape (level 11 max)
EX Skill (level 7 max)
HP Increase (level 21 max)
MP Increase (level 20 max)
Def Increase (level 17 max)

Attack Skills:

1: Madman on the Battlefield (17 second buff)
2: Spiral Strike (10 second cooldown)
3: Tornado Slasher (10 second cooldown)
4: Hurricane Slash (15 second cooldown)

Madman on the Battlefield and Spiral Strike is a nice combo. Increase your attack by 74%, then quickly hit Spiral Strike for the skill slowdown to cover your dropped defense. Tornado Slasher is another fast skill with a short cooldown to further benefit from Madman on the Battlefield. Hurricane Slash is the final skill. Its the fastest leftover skill and it hits plenty of times.

Cat Acrobat
1: Meow Trance (17 second buff)
2: Thunder Dash (10 second cooldown)
3: Wind Spin (10 second cooldown)
4: Cat Frenzy (15 second cooldown)

In that order. Meow Trance lasts 17 seconds, so you can pull off a second Thunder Dash and Wind Spin while buffed. Spiral Kick Gets an honorable mention as it slows skill usage of your opponent. (but is also weaker than Wind Spin). You can use the same set for PVE because that doesn't matter all that much. Brainsplitter is somewhat nice when used after Thunder Dash, but the damage output is lower than Wind Spin when you take the recharge time into account.

Dark Valkyrie
1: Fatal Delight (17 second buff) / Vixen's Ambush (10 second cooldown)
3: Siren's Snare (15 second cooldown)
2: Heaven Bound (10 second cooldown)
4: Death Trap (15 second cooldown)

Fatal Delight is preferred, but you can use Vixen's Ambush if your critical rate is too low (basically if your valkyrie is weaker than the majority of players, as you won't make any crits otherwise). From there Siren's Snare is one of the few fast attacks the valkyrie has. Considering it stuns skills as well, it is the preferred attack to start off with. Heaven Bound follows as it can be used twice in combination with Fatal Delight. Death Trap is the final attack, again taken for its speed and amount of hits it deals.

Master Skills:

DEF Increase (every level)
Mana Reduction
ATK Increase (every level)
Stamina Increase
Critical Rate Increase (every 5 levels)
Skill Cooldown Decrease
Emergency Escape Activation Rate Increase
Critical Damage Increase
Additional Damage Increase

Making your damage output as high as possible is a must. It is probably best to level Additional Damage Increase, Critical Damage Increase, Critical Rate increase and the leftover in ATK Increase. Upgrading Emergency Escape Activation Rate Increase can be nice for PVP and aid in getting the daily 55 Karat from Versus.

More coming soon!

Dragon Age Inquisition: The Iron Bull Cosplay

Who is The Iron Bull in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Qunari are known across Thedas as the brutal horned giants who descended from the north to nearly conquer the continent.

These ruthless followers of a harsh philosophy enforce their will through the Ben-Hassrath: their spies and secret police.

One brilliant agent did it all, hunting spies, rebels, and deserters until the day he finally broke.

To preserve a valuable asset, his superiors sent him to Orlais to observe and report… and “The Iron Bull” was born.

Today, Bull’s Chargers are famous mercenaries, fiercely loyal to the huge Qunari warrior who leads them into battles and taverns with equal enthusiasm.

The Iron Bull still sends the Ben-Hassrath reports, but years of living outside Qunari rules have him wondering which identity is really him.

Whoever he is, he’s more than happy to join the Inquisition and get paid to kill demons.

Here's The Iron Bull Cosplay:

Go Behind the Scenes on the Genderbend The Iron Bull cosplay photoshoot:
Modeled by: Amie Lynn
* Sponsored by Electronic Arts *

DPS/Nuker Kunoichi Build in Darkness Reborn by Deliberator

DPS and Nuker

this is Deliberator's DPS build:

DPS is a Damage per second type of this class, it has a lesser damage dealt however it has a damage over time effect, which will eventually cause pain in your opponent.

Active skills:

Shadow Slash (poison)
Spinning Dagger(poison)
Conceal rune2(rage)
Shadow tricks(lightning)

Passive skills

Basic bracket: ups them to +5 or go on ups it to +10
Physical bracket: ups them to +10
Elemental bracket: ups poison to +10, ice to +5, fire to +5 and lightning +10 
Other bracket: ups them to +5 or go on ups it to +10


weapon: Topaz(lighning) lvl 6 or higher if you have 2 slots then go for Emerald(poison) lvl 6 or higher
armor: Garnet(Armor) lvl 6 or higher if you have 2 slots then go for Diamond(all elem resist) lvl 5 or higher


this is Deliberator's Nuker build

Nuker is most likely targets a single opponent which will surely hurt, exept with its last skill for it is deemed to be AoE, nuker will surely stand out in PVP which will cause damage to a single player. since it will inflict damage instantly.

Active skills:

Shadow slash(ice)
Sword and Kick(lightning)
Conceal Rune(rage)
Shadow tricks(lightning)

Passive skills:

Basic bracket: ups them to +5 or go on ups it to +10
Physical bracket: ups them to +10
Elemental bracket: ups poison to +5, ice to +10, fire to +5 and lightning +10 
Other bracket: ups them to +5 or go on ups it to +10


weapon: Garnet(weapon) lvl 6 or higher if you have 2 slots then go for another Garnet (weapon) lvl 6 or higher
armor: Garnet(Armor) lvl 6 or higher if you have 2 slots then go for Diamond(all elem resist) lvl 5 or higher

Monument Valley Cheats on iOs and Android

Monument Valley Cheats

Unlockable Extra Levels
Secret Level?: Dan from developer Ustwogames has hinted that “I can say that there is one easter egg in there :P” when a fan asked him if after beating the game (s)he should be looking for secrets or easter eggs. So there may be an as of yet undiscovered level in the game!

Future Extra Levels: In a blog post the developers at Ustwogames have revealed that “Due to popular demand, we’re going to be making more levels.” So keep your eye out for a future version update for the game that unlocks new playable levels for free! 

Monument Valley Tips and Tricks
Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Monument Valley game and find out about the design choices and gameplay tips that the creators talk about.
Additionally, here are some beginner’s tips to get you started with Monument Valley’s puzzles.
Video Credits: Ustwogames & iHasCupquake

Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Unlimited Money Cheats on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, 3DS & PS Vita

Below shows you step-by-step how to get easy money by multiplying the Studs you collect!

Lego Batman 3 Money Cheats
Essentially it’s an unlimited money method. Here we show you how to easily farm money in Lego Batman 3. Need a little spare change to buy characters and vehicles? Check out these Lego Batman 3 tips that help you multiply your Studs quickly.

REQUIREMENTS: You’ll need to find, buy and activate at least 1 out of the 5 “Studs Score Multiplier Red Bricks” to get the needed extra Studs. — The 5 Red Bricks that increase your money (named the “Studs Score Multiplier” Red Bricks) can be found in the first 5 levels of the game. All you have to do is go to either of the two Red Brick Stations and buy each Red Brick for 1 to 5 million Studs, or use the cheat we’re about to give you to get the 1st of the 5 Red Bricks for free.

Red Brick Station Locations: By playing through the first five levels of the game as Plastic Man, you’ll be able to activate his special Plastic Man pad to grab each level’s Red Brick. The cheat to unlock Plastic Man as a playable character is “H2VB8Z“.

Once you grabbed the Red Bricks, you’ll need to buy them for 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 million Studs (per Red Brick respectively) in the Batcave’s right-side Trophy Room at the Red Brick Station OR in the Watchtower at the Red Brick Station. Then activate the Red Brick cheat(s) in the pause menu’s cheat section.

Cheat Code Unlock: While you’re playing, pause the game. You can enter codes from the Main Menu by selecting “Extras” and then “Enter Code” using this cheat: 5MZ73E. Whether you buy the “Studs Score Multiplier x2″ Red Brick or use the cheat, either way it will unlock new in-game money cheats, that you can then activate via the game’s pause menu.

STEP 1: Use our Lego Batman 3 Red Bricks Locations Guide to find all 5 “Studs Score Multiplier” Red Bricks.

STEP 2: After you’ve bought the first score multiplier Red Brick, they will become increasingly expensive (they cost 1, 2, 3, 4 to 5 million Studs). So after you buy the first “Studs x2″ Red Brick (or get it for free using the cheat mentioned above) you should activate it right away as you play through the Story Levels, and the following Bonus Level & open world hub areas that contain the Red Brick locations you need to find (to then unlock the money cheats)… And if you have enough money at this point (after finishing the game) you should be able to buy all 5 of these “Studs Score Multiplier” Red Bricks and activate each cheat after you buy it (as described above).

STEP 3: Turn on all 5 “Studs Score Multiplier” Red Bricks to multiply every single Stud you collect times 3,840!! Wow!!

STEP 4: You can increase your Studs total in the open world hub areas by smashing stuff (like boxes) into Studs as you walk through the environments. This is like farming Studs, because if you keep traveling back and forth between the Batcave, Watchtower, Moon Base and Lantern Planets, then the boxes and other Studs-filled items will re-appear in each area! So you can keep smashing them for more Studs! You can of course also replay levels in Free Play, since once all 5 these Red Bricks are turned on you’ll always speed up your Stud collecting to 3,840 times as fast.

STEP 5: Now repeat the previous step over and over (or play the game as you normally would) to get lots of money! Then you can use that money to buy all the vehicles and characters you want. 

That’s it. Good luck!
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