The Best Way to Level Up Fast in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

In this page, you will learn how to gain experience and level up fast in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The guide will tackle the fastest way to reach the maximum level 80.

So now, let's begin the guide...

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: How To Level Up Fast
Here we’ll go over how you can speed up the slow process of leveling up your rank in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Ranking up fast to increase your level quickly can be done through these tasks:

• Method #1: There are a lot of Side Quests to do and you’ll get to the level cap (80) without realizing it just by progressing naturally through the game. However, when creating a new character, it might be that you’ll want him or her to get strong faster. Sure, you can still search for various items on Side Quests, but if you’re looking for a quick leveling up method, here’s the first example:

Gaining levels in this game can be extremely easy after you unlock the Parallel Quest 53. Any level 1 character can finish it with a B rank each time, which will get him/her about 40,000 points of experience (letting you get to level 21 in just one go). This quest has you looking for three dragon balls. When you find the first one, Broly will appear. Just after that, Videl will also show up. All you have to do is to leave them fighting. Look for the other dragon balls and bring them back to the time machine. You’ll finish the mission in less than one minute and get a lot of experience points for it.

This video guide shows the fastest way to get experience points and level up your created character:
Video’s Table of Contents:
[00:00] – Fastest way to get experience points and level up If you have beat story mode.
[04:41] – Fastest way to get experience points and level up if you have not beat story mode yet.
[07:31] – Additional information about checking experience and characters.

• Method #2: Same as Method #1, but for an already high level character.

A) Parallel Quest 51 can be completed in 2-3 minutes and will net you 40,000+ experience points.

B) Parallel Quest 52 is also recommended. It is by far the best experience booster in the game. It will net you 70,000+ experience points and get you to level 70 or level 80 in about 6 fights at 2 minutes each or 1 minute 30 seconds if you don’t see a Time Patroller.
Just keep spamming specials at the enemies and they’ll be defeated very fast. You can even have a chance to fight a Time Patroller NPC for a chance of getting a dragon ball (same as Parallel Quest 15). Vegito is a good choice to fight with for this quest.

In order to have Parallel Quest 52 (Bardock Saga) and 53 (Broly Saga) unlocked, you must finish the regular story mode and then look for the 5 Time Crystals AKA Shards* that unlock the secret story missions with Bardock and Broly. The shards can be found on Parallel Quests as well, just take a look at the items you’ll get to see which shards you still need.

*How to get all 5 Shards: After clearing the game you’ll receive the “Crystal of Time” and there are five pieces to collect as possible drops from doing the Ultimate Finish in the below indicated Parallel Quests…
You can unlock the Shards by completing the following:
– 1st Shard: Defeat Quest 3 of the Demigra Saga (beat the final boss).
– 2nd Shard: Speak with a man called Recon at the Plaza of Time AKA “Time Square”.
– 3rd Shard. Perfect Parallel Quest 49 “The Saiyans Rebellion”.
– 4th Shard: In Parallel Quest 14 “The Legendary Super Saiyan” defeat Goku, or defeat Ginyu in Goku’s body during Parallel Quest 18 “Ginyu Corps Return”. It can also be obtained in Parallel Quest 42.
– 5th Shard: Perfect Parallel Quest 2 “Get ready for the Saiyan Invasion!”, or Defeat Super Saiyan Goku in Parallel Quest 21 “Let the Cell Games Begin!”. It can also be obtained in Parallel Quest 32.
The last step after obtaining all 5 Shards is to go talk to Trunks in the Scroll area of the Plaza of Time, he’ll then take you on a trip to do Parallel Quests 52 and 53.

credits: Special thanks to Light_Raito, Villainous, Anime Games Online & Shadow7377 for the guide.